Day 108: Eh, What’s Up, Doc?

Providing sustenance for young natives, I have found, is a particularly important task and one that requires great patience and quickness.  In my nearly four months of observation of this tribe and its natives, I have learned the importance of providing sustenance quickly, especially for the eldest native, Tuesday.  For, if she were to determine that I was not providing the necessary meal fast enough, she might attempt to acquire sustenance herself.  For the most part, Tuesday is relatively patient while sustenance is being prepared for her consumption.  Often times, her consumption is extremely fast, especially when sausages known as frankfurters are involved.

Today’s menu consisted of a frankfurter, prepared in a cooking dish on the electronic sustenance cooking machine, some small indigenous root vegetables known as carrots, some edible sticks flavored in assorted vegetables and a proper dairy beverage.  After buckling the native in to the adjustable seating apparatus and moving her closer to her place setting, she began ravenously consuming the frankfurter which I had cut up into small pieces knowing her rate of consumption with this particular part of the meal.  Soon the frankfurter was consumed and she began consuming the vegetable flavored sticks, leaving the carrots untouched. I admonished her to consume some of the carrots, noting that they were beneficial for good eye health.  With a quick glance in my direction, to acknowledge that I had spoken to her, she went back to her meal.  Soon, she made it clear that she was indeed finished with her meal, only touching about two of the orange root vegetable.  Knowing her state of fatigue, which she was well overdue for rest, and noting that it was a futile cause forcing the native to consume the remaining carrots, I let her down from her seat.  She began toddling about the tribal living space and I then tended to Wednesday’s needs.

Whilst tending to Wednesday, Tuesday must have returned to her place setting and acquired the remaining carrots and brought them into the tribal living area to consume them.  Soon her cheeks were full of the orange root vegetable and I implored her to consume some of her beverage in the hopes that she would swallow all that was residing in her mouth.  Sadly, this too was a futile cause.  If she did not consume or purge her mouth of its contents, I could not allow her to have her rest time.  Indeed, this was a very precarious position.

Finally, I had no other choice than to force the native to spit out the contents of her mouth into my hand.  Reluctantly, the stubborn native complied.  The amount that Tuesday attempted to consume appeared to be the remainder of the carrots at her place setting, which was about six or seven of the small root vegetable.  Following the ordeal, she is now in her resting quarters, however, the sounds of which suggest that she is not at her slumbers.  Perhaps, the ordeal has not fully concluded….


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