Day 112: The Natives Accessorize

Throughout the period of my observation of the natives, they have displayed moments of higher thinking as well as primitive behavior.  This rare glimpse that I am being afforded is an impressive view into the lives of natives in a primitive culture.  Daily, they exhibit new and interesting activities and suggest that they do comprehend concepts that involve much higher thinking than I have proposed them to have.  Such is the nature of this entry, whereby the natives, particularly Tuesday, have demonstrated the art of accessorization.

The following images display Tuesday attempting to adorn herself with a black, animal hide hand covering belonging to the tribal leader. This hand covering, much to large for the young native, fit very loosely about the native’s hand and covered her arm halfway to her elbow.  Since the match to this hand covering was astray, Tuesday could only adorn herself with the one that was present.  This behavior continued for a few moments until she grew disenchanted with the adornment of the hand covering and promptly discarded it about the tribal living space.

I have previously recorded Tuesday’s antics with adorning tribal beads, however, she has since determined that all inhabitants of the tribal abode must adorn themselves with tribal beads.  On many an occasion, often when I a captive audience, she insistently places the beads about my neck, often as many as I will allow.  She has not attempted to embellish Wednesday with the beads, perhaps because of her relationship with the tribe previous to my observation.  Being the outsider to the tribe, methinks I must be accepted first by the natives and this is one of the forms of acceptance.

In addition, Tuesday has a small satchel, used for holding the beads until they are worn, that she carries about with her.  This satchel, imprinted with small primates and being pink in color, often is included on long journeys outside of the tribal abode.  Perhaps she is attempting the mimic the behavior of the tribal leader who owns multiple satchels that perform a similar function.

Finally, Tuesday selects foot coverings of varying sizes and colors to place her feet into.  Again, the foot coverings displayed are those of the tribal leader.  Portrayed below is Tuesday attempting to walk in the tribal leader’s shoes.  Soon, she grew frustrated at being unable to move about freely in the foot coverings, they being much larger than her small feet.  As with the hand covering, she soon discarded the foot coverings and proceeded with normal native behavior.

The above observations have prompted me to believe that Tuesday understands the concept of accessorization, a concept that many natives her age tend not to learn this early in their development.  Perhaps I will have to monitor this behavior closely so that her need for accessorizing does not get out of hand as she grows older and her accessories become more expensive.


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