Day 114: Tuesday Demonstrates Acrobatics

Today, I have been endowed with the opportunity to observe the acrobatic tendencies of the natives, particularly Tuesday.  Before I begin, I wish to note that on numerous occasions I have admonished Tuesday to use the utmost care in her activity, particularly involving the circular exercise apparatus.  The eldest native is much to large for the apparatus in question, however methinks her memory of using it when she was several months younger prompts her to believe that she can indeed still fit into the exerciser.  Still, she persists.  Often, I am beckoned to extricate the young native from her precarious situation, reminding her after her extrication of the multiple occasions I have rescued her from her own devices.  However, today, in this instance, was not the case.

Prior to Tuesday placing herself in the position featured below, she had been on the floor of the tribal living area.  I was being about my labors around the tribal abode when I noticed that it was indeed too quiet.  I then checked the status of the young, mischievous native when I found her, as seen in the following images.

While the native was still engaged in her position, hanging out of the exercise apparatus, I thought it necessary to document the event.  Several images and some video were taken of the event as the native was content to hang upside down.  My first impression was that the curious, acrobatic native was stuck in her present position and that at some point, I would have to extricate her once again.  Much to my surprise, the native showed great flexibility and almost brought her body back up to the top of the exercise apparatus.

Soon, she would pull her appendages forward and out of the harness that was holding her in place.  Performing a perfect somersault, she freed herself from the exercise apparatus and returned to a seated position.  The native seemed completely unharmed from the precarious situation she had been in and was indeed focused on the electronic media box.

I am very impressed with the acrobatics and flexibility of the young natives.  They exhibit great skill in acrobatics and activities requiring great flexibility and balance.  In the future, I hope that the native’s listening skills become as great as their acrobatics.


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