Day 118: Tuesday’s Adventure to a Menagerie for Young Natives

Last Friday, the tribal leader and I took Tuesday on a multiple day excursion beginning at a building containing multiple activities for young natives.  One may ask, “where was Wednesday during this excursion?”  Prior to the our departure, a tribal leader arrived at the tribal abode and was charged with watching and caring for the young native whilst we were away.  We gathered all of the necessary provisions for the trip and we departed in the forenoon on that day.

The trip was moderately long and upon arrival at the destination, Tuesday was particularly disagreeable.  Liberating her from her security seat in the tribe’s mode of transportation, her mood improved considerably.  Upon entering the menagerie for young natives, Tuesday showed great interest and excitement as we entered the first exhibits in the enormous building.

The first exhibits explored the use of air balls and the laws of inertia and friction.  Tuesday was particularly enthused with the exploration of bubbles, and rightly so.  Tuesday is excited about anything that involves water.  Seen below are several tubes featuring multiple air bubbles that changes color.  Other activities in the “bubble” room were several different bubble makers, large and small, including one that allowed the bubble creator to make a bubble around themselves.

Adjacent to the bubble room was an exhibit devoted to the laws of inertia and friction whereby young natives could send small white balls down several different kinds of tracks to examine how far they went.  Methinks Tuesday was more enthused with gathering the balls and holding them than watching them go down the various tracks, but she enjoyed it nonetheless.  Next, the laws of friction were examined by allowing young natives to slide down a small slide.  This Tuesday enjoyed with great exuberance as she repeatedly went up and down the slide.

Feeling that Tuesday would probably never leave the area with the bubbles, balls and slide, I prompted the tribal leader to depart from the current exhibit and to move on to other areas of the menagerie.  Next, we entered an area that allowed young natives of many sizes to run and play freely, without worry of harm.  It was here that Tuesday had encounters with other natives her size.  Since Tuesday rarely gets to interact with other natives her age aside from her younger sibling, Tuesday was very interested in watching other natives, as well as playing by herself.  There were stairs and slides, small food preparation areas for play, a locomotive track and more.  As seen below, there was even a tank for aquatic animals at a height that natives Tuesday’s size could view.  Indeed, this room had everything to keep young natives busy for hours.

Soon, I, and the tribal leader, developed a need for sustenance and determined that Tuesday was also developing a similar need.  We found an establishment that provided sustenance within the menagerie and consumed enough sustenance to keep us going.  After consuming our sustenance we proceeded to view more exhibitions within the building.

We next arrived at an exhibit that explored the use of water and sand.  This proved to be a wet, messy venture as Tuesday, despite the complimentary vest the exhibit provided, got very wet.  However, this did not deter the young native.  In fact, when we determined that moving on was a good plan of action, Tuesday desired to stay.  Soon, though, we were able to leave and visit other exhibits, which included a cartoon character exhibit.

This exhibit, fashioned after a popular program on the electronic media box, had everything from a flying vehicle cockpit to a small food preparation area for young natives to a tent for pretend camping.  Tuesday particularly enjoyed the plane and tent exhibits, as seen below.  The tent exhibit had many objects inside and was the correct height for Tuesday to run through, without the need to duck.

Soon, the time came for our party to leave and we made our way back to our mode of transportation.  Shortly after leaving the menagerie, Tuesday fell off to her slumbers.  It was indeed a good but tiring day for the young native, a trend that would continue through the weekend….


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