Day 119: The Restless Natives Lose Privileges

I am not entirely certain whether the lunar phases have an effect on the behavior of the natives or not, however, today, they are exhibiting contrary behavior and are continuing to lose privileges and luxuries within the tribal abode.  I consider myself to be a relatively patient man, however, my temper can be easily aroused.  Tuesday is seemingly determined to find each last nerve of mine and squash it like a tiny insect.  Indeed, Tuesday has found the method of provoking my anger and is experiencing the consequences for doing so.

The morning began as many mornings do; I retrieved her from her sleeping quarters to begin her day and she toddled about the tribal living space.  Intelligence gained from the tribal leader last evening suggested that the behavior of the young native was very much contrary and was disciplined as such.  Yesterday, a second electronic media disc was found, cracked and thus unreadable, for which I scolded her for.  The tribal leader removed the electronic media out of reach of the young native, a step away from losing them entirely.  But, I digress.

Soon, Wednesday awoke and the two young natives were about the tribal living area.  After feeding Wednesday, multiple times, I placed her on the tribal living area furniture, in hopes that she would fall off to her slumbers as she tends to do in the mornings.  Soon, I heard and saw Tuesday, climbing on the furniture near where I placed Tuesday.  I admonished her sternly to return to the floor of the tribal living space, not knowing Wednesday’s whereabouts.  Upon closer inspection, Tuesday was crawling down on top of Wednesday, who by this point was rather disagreeable.  I swiftly removed Tuesday and scolded her sternly about being careful around her younger sibling.  This prompted disagreeable sounds from both natives.  I quickly placed Wednesday in her circular exercise apparatus, sure that she would be safe there.  I then attempted to communicate with Tuesday, who was distraught over the whole situation.

After calming down the young native, she demonstrated that she desired to watch a program on the electronic media player.   Hoping that this would appease the young natives, I placed the media in the player and started the program.  While this was transpiring, I removed Wednesday from the exercise apparatus and whisked her off to her slumbers.  Upon my return is when I noticed Tuesday examining the media and media player.

I must have startled the young native because her reaction resembled that of an illegal pharmaceutical raid whereby upon my voice being heard, she attempted to flee from her present position.  I removed the media from the player and put it far out of reach from the young native.  I told her that she had now lost the privilege of watching the programs on those media discs and tuned the electronic media box to a channel with programs that young native regularly enjoys.

Upon going back to my labors, which by this point had been postponed due to the activity of the natives, I heard the sounds from the electronic media box cease.  Tuesday had discovered the power button on the box and had proceeded to turn the box off.  I then told her that she had now lost the privilege of watching the media box.  This was met with more disagreeable behavior.

Which now brings me to our present condition: Tuesday is attempting to entertain herself in the tribal living area with her play objects and I am attempting to maintain both my sanity and my temper.  If this behavior persists, this will indeed be a long afternoon.


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