Day 120: 3, 2, 1, Blowout.

It has occurred to me on this and other previous occasions that disposable undergarment blowouts in this tribal abode are a bit too abundant.  If I were to estimate the frequency of such an episode, I would determine that it happens perhaps daily; maybe every other day.  Wednesday, who I shall dub “The Blowout Princess” appears to perform this “blowout” ritual to that very same frequency.

One would think there would be some warning, some alarm indicating the possibility for such an event to happen.  But, alas, no such luck.  Today’s episode was very difficult to observe, prior to the changing of the undergarment.  Once into the process of changing the native, I determined that she had indeed overflowed the undergarment and had soiled her outfit in the process.  Let me be completely frank here, that changing a native of Wednesday’s size and age is not at all like changing a doll of similar size and shape.  Wednesday wiggles this way and that, perhaps trying to escape my grasp.  I, holding her legs as though trying to hogtie the young native, try desperately to keep the native and the mess as separate as possible.

Stripping the native of her outfit, once a new disposable undergarment is applied, is another trick entirely.  It must be a trait of natives of this age; to provide as little assistance in the changing process as possible and even providing a little resistance as well.  Nonetheless, the soiled outfit is discarded in a new outfit applied.

Very seldom do I need to apply another outfit to the native due to another blowout, however, on occasion, this has occurred as well.  Wednesday is indeed the Blowout Princess.  Even her elder sibling has had fewer blowouts throughout her life than Wednesday has in a month.

I am encouraged though that this shall pass, no pun intended.  I hope that soon, the blowouts will cease and Wednesday can relinquish her title as the Blowout Princess.


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