Day 120: Providing Sustenance for Both Natives, at the Same Time

One truly does not understand the definition of insanity until you attempt to provide sustenance for two young natives under the age of two years.  To be certain, this is quite a precarious task and one that requires great patience and skill for as quickly as the natives consume their sustenance, they can also turn on the provider like a pack of wolves.  For my convenience and safety, the natives are positioned on either side of the communal eating surface.  Positioning them in this manner provides less interaction between the natives and less “food” interaction between them, their seating apparatuses and other surfaces in the food preparation area.

Breakfast being the first meal of the day, I begin preparing Tuesday’s sustenance, as once prepared, she can consume her meal on her own without much difficulty.  Her sustenance usually consists of a dairy beverage, a toasted griddle cake and a yogurt mixture.  Whilst preparing this, Wednesday begins to exhibit disagreeable sounds suggesting that the native is unhappy that her sibling is being provided for before her.  Still, I persist.  After breaking apart the griddle cake, so that Tuesday can feed herself, I begin to also prepare the yogurt for Tuesday’s consumption.  Let me be clear that I must administer the yogurt to the young native, for if I do not, surely yogurt will very much be everywhere – except for the young native’s mouth.

After providing Tuesday with a few swallows of the yogurt mixture, Wednesday had become considerably distraught.  And rightly so.  Truly, Wednesday is wasting away to nothing.  I discontinued feeding Tuesday and began preparing sustenance for Wednesday’s consumption in the flavor of banana and orange.  Wednesday consumed the mixture in a fury; I am astonished at how she put away her sustenance.  Following the completion of the consumption of the container of sustenance, she continued to be disagreeable, perhaps looking for more.  Inconceivable!  Surely, she must be sufficiently satisfied with all that she had just consumed.

Feeling that she needed more to consume, I returned to Tuesday who had begun lining up her waffle pieces on the edge of the communal eating surface.  I continued distributing the yogurt to her, which she consumed quickly.  Soon, she grew tired of being seated at the communal eating surface and desired to roam about the tribal living space.  I let her down and she toddled away, the two remaining pieces of her waffle in hand.  Wednesday, at this point, was in the process of losing her mind.

I quickly concocted a bottle of her liquid sustenance and gathered her up from her seating apparatus and brought her to the tribal living area, to attempt to appease the young native with some liquid refreshment.  She consumed almost the entire bottle.

For now, the natives have been fed.  They appear to be agreeable for now.  I suspect this will change in the course of the day.


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