Day 125: Filming the Natives

It is important in many tribal cultures for the natives to be caught on film – for sharing with other natives, particularly tribal elders, for historic purposes and often for our amusement.  Though I have taken a multitude of candid shots of the two young natives, the tribal leader determined that she wanted more images more professional in appearance.  I made the necessary preparations with the film professional and Saturday we took the natives for their filming adventure.

Before I proceed, I wish to be completely frank – this concept of filming both natives together is much better in theory than it was in practice.  First, coordinating the elder native, Tuesday, to remain still and near her younger sibling was near impossible.  Tuesday’s perpetual motion made the entire episode extremely difficult for both the filming professional and ourselves.  Wednesday, on the other hand, was near perfect for filming, perhaps due to her immobility and general agreeable demeanor.  Keeping this in mind, I shall proceed to narrate the events that followed.

Tuesday was the first to be filmed.   Due to her activity, the filming professional was forced to film her whilst she was in motion.  Using various props and other methods of attraction, the filming professional was able to take a few photos of the rambunctious native.  Soon, she grew disinterested with the filming activity and the filming professional was forced to film Wednesday instead.

Wednesday was much more cooperative.  Not being able to move about the filming area, she was indeed a captive audience.  The filming professional took many images of her before it came time for incorporating both natives for a single pose.  This is indeed much harder than it sounds.

Tuesday was not at all interested in any part of posing near her younger sibling, much less interact with her.  Numerous attempts were made to entice Tuesday to interact with Wednesday, however, it was not to be.  The closest Tuesday got to her younger sibling at any moment was perhaps two feet, a distance too far away for an exemplary photo.  Seeing this as a futile endeavor, we ceased our efforts to force the two natives together.

However, the filming session was not yet over.

Each year, in the month of October, on the 31st day, natives all of sizes participate in an All Hallows Eve event whereby natives adorn themselves with costumes featuring a variety of different characters.  Keeping with the seasons and considering how delightful the natives would appear in their All Hallows Eve costumes,  the tribal leader and I prepared the natives to be filmed in their festive outfits.  Prior to filming with the professional, we attempted to adorn the natives with their respective outfits, as depicted in the photos below.

Wednesday, seen below, was dressed in a yellow aquatic avian costume, which when seen by passersby, prompted many to stop and coddle the young native.  I must say Wednesday was very cooperative and easy-going with the whole process.  Her outfit was quite warm which meant she could only remain in it for a short period of time.  I wish to note that if Wednesday had been any bigger, the outfit would not have fit.

Then came Tuesday’s turn.  Having attempted to adorn Tuesday at the tribal abode in her All Hallows Eve costume, the tribal leader and I knew that she did not care at all for it.  Still, we persisted.  The episode that took place next was perhaps the most exhausting and embarrassing portion of this whole adventure.  Tuesday ran this way and that, being very careful to not stay in any one place long enough for the filming professional to take her image.  Even with the objects that were placed on the filming set did not obtain her attention long enough for the image to be taken.  Soon, however, the image was taken and the photo session ended.

Both natives were returned to regular tribal outfits and once the filming process was complete, we left the filming studio.  As a reference of time, the appointment with the filming professional was at 12:20 PM.  We did not leave the filming studio until sometime after the two o’clock hour.   Indeed, in the future, many adjustments will need to be made when attempting to film the natives.


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