Day 127: Sleep Deprivation Invades the Tribe

Twilight is often a peaceful and quiet time around the tribal abode – often being not when natives are disagreeable and refuse to go off to their slumbers.  Alas, this was the episode I was present for last evening: both natives, for a time, blatantly refused to sleep.  Even now, several hours after the unenjoyable and disagreeable episode, I still question the cause for such behavior from the natives.  To determine this, however, requires reflection of yesterday’s events.

Yesterday was particularly normal, as both natives exhibited usual behavior going about their activities in the tribal living area.  The native particularly in question is Tuesday, who appeared distraught last evening and in some distress.  Tuesday consumed the appropriate amount of sustenance yesterday, commensurate with that which is required for her to go off to her slumbers.  She also received a two-hour respite from her activities yesterday afternoon.  The tribal elders visited the natives yesterday afternoon as well, sharing with them gifts that they had purchased and sustenance which they had begun consuming prior to their arrival at the tribal abode.  Whilst here, Tuesday, in her rambunctious activity, fell into a box containing many of her recreational objects, which prompted loud disagreeable behavior.  Soon, however, she recovered and was busy toddling about the tribal living space again. Aside from these events, yesterday was extremely normal for the unruly natives.

Upon laying them to their slumbers last evening, Tuesday began demonstrating signs of distress and perhaps even pain.  This went on for a few hours, distraught if the tribal leader or myself attempted to touch her.  Offering her sustenance and a beverage, the tribal leader attempted to console the disagreeable native, to no avail.  Finally, the native expelled some gas which apparently made her feel much better and changed her unruly disposition.  Soon, she was off to her slumbers again, this time for a couple of hours.

Approximately half an hour after twilight, Tuesday awoke again, distraught as she appeared previously.  The tribal leader extricated the native from her resting quarters and brought her to the tribal living space.  Seeing no signs of relief, the tribal leader informed me that she was transporting Tuesday to an emergency medicine man who could perform tests and other rituals to determine the cause of Tuesday’s distress.  However, the tribal leader never arrived at the emergency medicine man’s office.  Instead, in the tribe’s mode of transportation, she drove around with Tuesday until the native showed signs of recovery.  Soon, both the tribal leader and Tuesday were back at the tribal abode and off to their slumbers.  The time was now two hours after twilight.

Morning came very quickly at the tribal abode.  Wednesday who had woken briefly during her siblings distraught carryings on, had slept uninterrupted through the night and was now eager to begin her day.  The tribal leader and I were sluggish rising and still remain so, despite the activity of the natives.  Methinks this evening will provide different results and I hope a much more restful night.


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