Day 139: The Outdoor Exercise Structure

Some time ago, perhaps more than a week now, the tribal elders and I constructed an outdoor exercise structure for the natives on the land adjacent to the tribal abode.  Noting how Tuesday enjoyed the exercise structure on their own land, it was decided to provide a similar structure for the natives to enjoy at their own tribal dwelling.  As with all great projects and undertakings, some assembly was indeed required.

After gaining intelligence that the tribal elders were departing for the native’s tribal abode to deliver said exercise structure, the tribal leader gathered up the natives and departed, for they had plans to attend a festival many miles north of the abode.  Ah, a great opportunity to achieve some domestic projects around the abode!  Whilst the tribal leader and the natives were away and before the tribal elders arrived, I was quite industrious – puttering here and there about the tribal abode.  Soon however, the tribal elders arrived and so construction began.

Lest anyone reading this thinks that the weight of any of the wood which composes said exercise structure was easily wielded and lightweight, I will correct that notion now.  Each beam, particularly the longer, wider pieces of wood appeared to have been dragged through salt water.  One by one, each beam was carried to the construction area.  Once there, inventory was taken of the several parts of the structure to ensure all of the pieces were present.  After the inventory was taken it appeared that the collection was one beam shy of complete.  Nonetheless, construction began and the missing beam was to be dealt with later.

The first part of the assembly appeared to proceed quickly.  Soon, the frame was together and it was time for the cross timber or beam that the swinging apparatuses attached to.  Utilizing a ladder, the tribal elders and I were able to raise the heavy beam on top of the frame.  Here is where things went awry.  On the land adjacent to the tribal dwelling is a sand box which the natives are able to play in.  This sand box is now adjacent to on the left side of the outdoor exercise structure.  Upon raising the beam on the end nearest the sandbox, one of the tribal elders tripped over the sand box, tumbling away from his previous position.  I being on the ladder and in possession of the other half of the beam, upon its unexpected movement, was hit in the mouth by the beam, nearly causing me to tumble toward the earth in the same manner as the tribal elder.  Fortunately, I was able to hold my position as well as catch the beam before it returned to the earth as well.

Finally and after sundown, the exercise structure was complete.  The natives and tribal leader arrived at the tribal abode just before its completion, however Tuesday was able to test the abilities of the structure, which received her approval.

Since its construction, the structure has been utilized frequently and enjoyed by its users.  Below are Tuesday exploring the structure and images of its construction.


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