Day 140: Wednesday Learns the Art of Expelling Food

It has been approximately six weeks since the commencement of providing solid food for Wednesday’s consumption.  Until now, she readily consumes all that is provided to her, often with little waste.  On occasion, sustenance has escaped her mouth, perhaps due to the massive amounts of saliva that mix with the pudding like mixtures that compose her food.  Alas, today I have experienced a new trick from the young native: expelling a mouthful of sustenance with force and velocity, shortly after delivering it to her mouth.

Here is how the episode took place:  Wednesday normally consumes two containers of food each morning after waking.  One of these containers, a dairy, indigenous fruit flavored  mixture, she consumes first.  It is a thicker consistency than the other container, which is another indigenous fruit mixture composed of strawberries, apples and bananas.

The yogurt went down as per usual and without episode.  Wednesday appeared much more famished this morning than was normal for the young native.  She also appeared to be attempting to whistle or create a high-pitched whistle noise through breathing out her mouth.  Dismissing this as another developmental milestone for the young native, I proceeded to continue providing sustenance for the increasingly more vocal native.

I began feeding the fruit mixture to Wednesday, which she seemed to devour quickly.  And this was where the shower of sustenance occurred. Upon delivering the spoon to her mouth, the mixture came back at me with force and velocity, similar to that of bird shot from a shotgun.  Removing my spectacles, now covered with the spattered mixture, I reached for something to clean up the mess with.  Wednesday at this point, was smiling ear to ear, apparently pleased with her little feat.  Firmly explaining to her to refrain from performing such feats whilst feeding, I continued the activity of providing her sustenance, which she finished readily.  Following the meal, she continued to emit whistling noises, perhaps the same which she attempted to make with her mouthful previously.  Noting this, I continued the cleanup of the immediate area and the native.

It is apparently evident that I use caution when providing sustenance for Wednesday in the future; perhaps rain gear might be an appropriate option to protect my own person from the fallout that may occur….


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