Day 142: Tuesday’s Slight of Hand Skills

I have always been impressed with the developmental skills of the natives, however on this occasion, my appreciation quickly transformed into displeasure and concern.  The episode in question occurred last evening in the tribal living space; I was charged with preparing the young natives for their slumbers by providing sustenance, performing the bathing ritual and treating the natives so that they might rest peacefully throughout the night.  I performed the bathing ritual on both natives, a feat in and of itself, and placed them into their night-time garments.  Tuesday was toddling about the living space, performing her usual night-time antics.  Wednesday was exhibiting signs of displeasure and overall disagreement.  Knowing that the unhappy native was perhaps suffering from the emergence of her first teeth, I sought the magical teething pills to help soothe the young native’s discomfort.  As I have explained earlier, these little pills provide both relief for teething natives as well as their associated parental figures.

Wednesday was sitting on the reclining tribal furniture when I administered the magical teething pills to her.  To administer the antidote to her, I also sat down on the tribal furniture and proceeded to remove two of the magic tablets from their container.  The next events were perhaps quicker than anything I have observed in my time with the natives.  The container for the teething tablets was placed near me on the tribal furniture, ensuring that they would not leave my side whilst giving the proper amount to Wednesday.  Whilst this was occurring, Tuesday arrived on the scene, lambasting me with a plastic cylinder that emits noise when turning end for end.  Admonishing her that she should never hit anyone with anything, I disarmed the native and placed the object out of reach.  I think this was when Tuesday sought the container with the remaining tablets.

Tuesday’s slight of hand skills are impeccable – she obtained the container and moved away from me without so much as a word.  Attempting to quiet Wednesday, I checked to see what Tuesday was doing, which was when I noticed her cheeks, seemingly full and the teething pill container in her left hand.  Fear and concern took over and I sprang to Tuesday immediate disarming her of the container and sweeping her mouth with my index finger, to no avail.  The native appeared frightened by my actions and began showing signs of disagreeable behavior.

I then went back to Wednesday, who had begun exhibiting disagreeable behavior as well.  This is when I noticed several of the teething pills on the floor.  I quickly scooped them up and discarded them so that Tuesday could not consume more than what was already.  There were not many teething pills left in the container before the whole episode began, however, I had no way of knowing how many pills Tuesday had consumed.

I placed a call to the  poison control center as instructed by the tribal leader.  The poison control center informed me that Tuesday probably enjoyed each pill that she consumed and that she would indeed live to perform this feat another day.  At worst, the poison control professionals informed me, Tuesday might exhibit signs of vomiting or stomach ache, much to my relief.

Henceforth, I will keep such containers and medicines out of reach, if even for a moment, of either of the young natives.  As for Tuesday’s slight of hand skills, perhaps it may be time to provide her with a magic act.


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