Day 144: Open Forth the Flood Gates!

I have been fortunate thus far to have avoided violent, unexpected regurgitation of sustenance from the natives.  It is a fairly rare occurrence and only manifests itself when natives are particularly not feeling well and often after just consuming large amounts of sustenance.  Today, however, my good fortune came to an unfortunate end.

Wednesday has not been particularly hungry today and refused her solid sustenance earlier this morning.  After noting disagreeable behavior, which is synonymous with hunger, I proceeded to feed the native the remainder of what she had not consumed earlier in the day.  Being satisfied momentarily, her disposition improved and I went about my labors.  Soon however, she grew disagreeable again, which I surmised was also due to her seemingly insatiable hunger.  I then proceeded to provide her with liquid sustenance, of which a container was made previously for her consumption.  She finished said container and appeared to be still in search for more sustenance, so I prepared more.  Mistake number one.

During the period of preparing the liquid sustenance mixture, Wednesday calmed down and exhibit what I thought to be content behavior.  This was not to last.  Soon, her disposition worsened yet again, seemingly famished and looking for more.  In the meantime, I provided Wednesday with two of the magical teething pills, in hopes to calm her whilst preparing her liquid drink, to no avail.  I then brought the mixture into the tribal living area and began providing her with her liquid sustenance yet again.  Mistake number two.

The following events appeared to occur in slow motion as each one is quite clear in memory.  Wednesday nearly finished the container of sustenance, which was of little consequence and did not surprise me in the least.  Wednesday has been known to consume vast quantities of the liquid sustenance in one sitting.  Upon completion of her consumption, I brought her upright from her seated position to extricate a belch which inevitably the young native would need to have done.  Here is when I got more than originally bargained for.   Wednesday, now upright, with force and velocity, regurgitated all, if not most of what was consumed of her liquid sustenance, in four separate blasts.  This regurgitation covered most completely the reclining tribal furniture, my clothing, Wednesday’s clothing and the cloth I had been utilizing to catch any small drips from the native’s mouth.  It was quite clear that outfit changes and cleaning would need to be done for both myself, the furniture and the native.

After cleaning up the mess, I reflected on the episode and determined that the second container of sustenance was indeed the straw that broke the camel’s back and opened wide the flood gates.  I have made note of this for future reference….


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