Day 148: Warpaint and When Allowing Natives to Feed Themselves Goes Awry

Perhaps it is a tribal custom, or perhaps, it is the season; the application of warpaint is particularly indicative of conflict, conflict that the wearer is preparing to be engaged in.  The warpaint applied in the photo below occurred during Tuesday’s bathing ritual last evening.  My assistance was required in applying said warpaint, however the curious native was quite adept at applying her own colors.  The warpaint itself was composed of a mild body cleaning agent and coloring and was in the form of a stick covered by an adjustable plastic shaft.

Tuesday was quite interested in these sticks of warpaint and played with them exclusively until the bathing ritual was completed.  She exhibited disagreeable behavior when the water was drained from the wash basin and the bathing ritual ended.  The warpaint, being composed of a soap mixture, washed quickly away with water, before the native left the bathing area.

This morning the natives awoke at their usual hour by Tuesday requesting my presence to liberate her from her resting quarters.  Feeling that I should perhaps consider changing my name, I arose and retrieved both natives, for now Wednesday was awake at her elder sibling’s not-so-quiet exclamations.  Upon retrieving said natives, changing their disposable undergarments and seating at the communal eating surface in the food preparation area, I decided to allow Tuesday to administer her own sustenance to herself, an activity that she has performed previously, with the tribal leader’s supervision.  Finding a banana flavored dairy mixture in the refrigerated storage cabinet, I sought a spoon for the young native and provided her with both so that she could begin administering the mixture whilst I provided Wednesday with her sustenance.

In the beginning of this episode, this arrangement worked quite well.  Tuesday fed herself her dairy mixture, with little supervision or mess, and I provided a rather famished Wednesday with her sustenance.  Soon, however, this arrangement would take a rather messy and unfortunate turn.

Upon the completion of administering sustenance to Wednesday and turning my back to Tuesday for a moment, I noticed that the mischievous native had begun a banana yogurt painting on the communal eating surface and had begun spreading the mixture throughout her hair.  Quickly noticing this, I disarmed the young native of her yogurt, and sought something to begin cleaning the mess.

Tuesday’s hands were completed covered in the banana flavored dairy mixture, and rightly so, she had used them to create her table painting.  Fortunately, I had adorned her with a plastic covering before getting too far into the meal whereby she could not spread the mixture onto her clothing.  Her hair however, was a different story.  After cleaning up the native, the placemat, table and plate she had been using, I dismissed her from the table so that I could ensure that the mess was entirely cleaned up.

Surely, another lesson for me to remember not to turn my back to the young natives, especially whilst eating.  Methinks Tuesday confused the yogurt substance with the warpaint of last evening.  It is perhaps fortunate that I caught the young native when I did for she may have adorned herself with banana flavored warpaint.


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