Day 149: Tuesday Demonstrates her Artistic Skills

As the natives grow and develop, they discover new activities and mediums to channel their energy.  Tuesday, in particular, has developed many of her motor skills to facilitate new and exciting activities for herself.  Her latest discovery is apparently the use of wax crayons, of varying sizes and colors, to produce artwork on paper.  The curious native does not necessarily create masterpieces as is known to the modern world; rather, she investigates the activity of making marks with the crayons, in essence creating her own masterpiece.

I will note that on numerous occasions, Tuesday has been admonished to make marks with the crayons ONLY ON PAPER and that she only practices with the color sticks whilst under observation and supervision.  For, when crayons were first introduced to the young native, she did attempt to consume them, which the tribal leader and I promptly removed them from her person and kept them until she grew a bit older.  Often, I have determined, that she requires being reminded that surfaces such as the communal eating surface and bodily appendages, both her own and others, are forbidden from marking on.  This technique had proven successful until last evening.

Following the return of the tribal leader from her occupation, I retreated to the out-of-doors to groom of the lawn and dispose of the fallen foliage which surrounded the tribal abode.  The sun had all but set and I needed to labor quickly to accomplish the goal I had set forth.  Meanwhile, inside the tribal abode, the tribal leader was supervising the natives, both Tuesday and Wednesday.

A period of time passed and soon darkness fell upon the tribal abode.  The tribal leader had quickly retreated outside to discuss an event that had occurred previously.  And, thus I give you, Exhibit A.

Prefacing the discussing with the statement that she was informing me due to the fact that the above was already cleaned and everything was returned to its previous state, she displayed the image seen above.  Tuesday, whilst under her own devices, had provided my electronic computing device a crayon makeover.  As seen above, the artwork rendered on the device was in a black colored crayon and was particularly lightly marked.  Upon seeing the device, my surprise turned to anger, for a quick moment.  Knowing that the device had been cleaned, I inquired if the naughty native had been properly reprimanded.  The tribal leader informed me that she had and that the wax crayons had been removed from her possession, for the time being.  Satisfied with the answer, the tribal leader then showed me the next image, Exhibit B.

Upon seeing this, I inquired if both devices were intact and in working order.  The tribal leader informed me that they appeared to be operational and in working order.  I informed her that I would not labor much longer as the darkness was hampering my efforts and that I would return shortly.  She retreated to the tribal abode and soon I did as well.

Arriving inside the tribal abode, Tuesday greeted me with mirth and excited salutations.  I did not share her enthusiasm and explained, firmly, that I was not pleased with her behavior.  Displaying her oh-so-great listening skills, she toddled off, going about her rambunctious activities.

In the future, I have determined that Tuesday cannot be left to her own devices with pretty much anything.  It may be several days until I feel that Tuesday is prepared to use the art supplies she so lovingly adores.  Until then, I shall keep them away from her and away from this electronic device.


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