Day 151: Caught Between a Chair and a Hard Place

Throughout my time with the natives, I have been required to extricate natives, particularly Tuesday, from several precarious predicaments.  And on numerous occasions, prior to my extrication services, the native in question, again usually Tuesday, has been completely disagreeable and inconsolable.  Such was the case this morning in the tribal living area.

Seen below is Tuesday, caught between the chair back and the seat from the blue plastic chair that she utilizes in the tribal living area.  At first glance, the native appeared to be just stuck because of her current or then position.  Upon investigating the matter closer, I determined that the disagreeable native was quite stuck in that her hips appeared to be wider than that of the hole she had put them through.  Tugging this way and that, I could not get the chair off of the native.  Tuesday, now distraught, was growing increasingly more and more uncooperative.  Finally, getting her to stand up straight, I was able to push the chair down and get it off of her.

Knowing that the chair has been a point of contention in the tribal abode (Tuesday has employed the use of the chair to scale the gate which confines her to the tribal living area and has also employed its use to scale the wildlife structure to stand on its highest level ) I quickly disposed of the chair by placing it out of reach of the young natives.  Perhaps this effort will convince the native that she should carefully choose the objects she decides to play on.

As for now, normal behavior has resumed.  I expect this to be the case for the remainder of the day and until the tribal leader returns from her occupation.


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