Day 151: More Interaction Between the Natives

The events I shall describe next are those concerning the interaction between Tuesday and Wednesday.  Until now, Tuesday has refrained from interacting with her younger sibling for reasons unknown.  Wednesday, on the contrary, appears to desperately desire the attention of her elder sibling.  In truth, when Tuesday is not in Wednesday’s immediate area, Wednesday goes into hysterics.  Truly Wednesday, and to some degree Tuesday, require each other’s presence in their daily activity.

Of late, the natives have voluntarily interacted, which is truly an interesting event to witness.  The most recent interaction involved Wednesday in the circular exercise apparatus and Tuesday being seated adjacent to the apparatus.  Tuesday expresses much interest in many of the play objects and apparatuses that are for Wednesday’s enjoyment, which is beginning to start disagreeable behavior between the two natives.  For example, yesterday, whilst playing in the tribal living area, Tuesday was playing with one of the many objects on the circular exercise apparatus whilst Wednesday was seated in it.  Upon Wednesday’s gaze following on the object Tuesday was playing with, she grasped it, much to Tuesday’s dismay.  This prompted a firm and loud “NO!” from Tuesday.  And, upon Wednesday’s grasp not being released from said object, another firm and loud “NO!” came from Tuesday.  This time, Wednesday released her grasp, and Tuesday continued playing with the object.  Today, a similar instance occurred, however, today’s response from Tuesday was “MINE!”

On both occasions, I have admonished Tuesday that she should learn to share with her younger sibling.  Wednesday, still being in the early developmental stages, remains unaware of what certain words, syllables and phrases mean.  I attempted to explain to Tuesday that not everything in the tribal living area was hers and that she needed to be mindful of her younger sibling.  This prompted the typical response from the young native, whereby she appeared to consider what had been said to her and proceeded to toddle away, neither confirming or denying the understanding of all that had been explained, much to my dismay.

In the future, I have determined that I should expect more of this kind of behavior from both natives.  At some juncture, I expect war to break out over some object or program on the electronic media box.  I shall endeavor to reinforce the principles I have set forth today in the hopes that at some juncture, they will sink into the minds of the unruly natives.


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  1. Posted by Lois Taylor on October 29, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    yeah, good luck with that lol.


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