Day 161: Tuesday Reaches a Milestone

Following the tribe’s power outage  and frozen precipitation event, Tuesday achieved a milestone in the tribe.  It is a custom of the tribe, and of many similar tribes, to record and celebrate milestones as they occur in adequate tribal fashion.  Such is the case with this milestone as Tuesday reaches the young age of two years of age.

Often, natives associated with this age are said to be of constant disagreeable dispositions and often revolt when prompted to perform a particular task or function.  The tribal leader has assured me and other tribespeople that this shall not be the case with Tuesday; rather, Tuesday will exhibit “terrific” behavior, opposed to the “terrible” behavior previously mentioned.  And, overall, I would have to agree with the tribal leader.  Tuesday appears to be exhibiting agreeable behavior and can perform simple tasks with some degree of success.  Her speech is developing quite nicely and words are being distinguished between the babble that she is infamous for.  She appears to be recognizing tribal hieroglyphics and can readily point them out upon command.  Yes, Tuesday is indeed developing into a “terrific” native.

To mark the occasion of her second life anniversary, a festival was held in her honor at the tribal abode.  This required massive amounts of preparation and the ability to seat multiple tribespeople and natives in the tribal living area.  Nearly two dozen tribespeople attended this festival, consisting of natives, tribal elders and other tribesmen.  Of particular attraction for many of the young natives was the outdoor exercise structure, which was utilized quite heavily during the festival.  Soon, however, the festival and the natives required being moved indoors to continue the customs of the anniversary celebration.  Below is a picture of Tuesday interacting with natives and tribespeople during the festival.

This was met with disagreeable behavior from Tuesday, who took much calming before settling into her role in the tribal living area.  It is customary for natives who are celebrating a life anniversary to be presented with a baked good, decorated brightly with a sweet frosting and a lit candle.  It is also customary for the native being honored to be sang to, with an appropriate tune that all my participate in.  As the singing commenced, Tuesday’s eyes welled up with tears and she appeared to be quite saddened by the singing.  Once the singing concluded, her disposition improved and she was presented the candle to be extinguished.

It is also customary, in this tribal culture, to present gifts to the honoree of the celebration, as a token of their life achievement.  As the many gifts were opened and presented to Tuesday, it appeared that the native was reaching sensory overload and might require a rest.

Soon, however, the festival ended and attendees began to depart and disperse.  The festival was a great success and Tuesday appeared to enjoy herself immensely.  However, the work then began of transforming the tribal abode back to the normal living space that the natives enjoy….


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