Day 163: Wednesday Contracts an Ear Infection

It has been approximately a week since Wednesday began exhibiting signs of discomfort, leading to the medicine man’s diagnosis of an ear infection in the right ear of the young native.  Wednesday, being of young age and unable to describe her symptoms to the tribal leader, was taken to the office of the local medicine man last week to determine a cause for her discomfort.  After performing a couple diagnostic rituals on the young native and examining her closely, the medicine man declared that the young native did, in fact, have an ear infection – the first for Wednesday.

The medicine man then prescribed an antidote for her affliction that would soon bring her to a reasonable state of comfort.  The antidote was to be given three times a day over a ten-day period and required being refrigerated in the mechanical cooling apparatus.  After obtaining the prepared antidote from a local apothecary, the tribal leader returned the tribal abode with Wednesday to begin the healing ritual with the first dose of the antidote.

This did not go as planned.

The dispenser that was provided by the apothecary to dispense the antidote to the native was in the form of a large syringe, which Wednesday did not find agreeable to her liking.  Noting this, the tribal leader quickly suggested placing the measured antidote into a smaller container, resembling the container for her liquid sustenance, which Wednesday found to be more agreeable.

Within two or three dosings to the afflicted native, she began exhibiting signs of the antidote working and thus, a much more agreeable native.  It has now been a week since the antidote was first administered and her symptoms have subsided, however signs of rhinorrhea have manifested themselves in both Tuesday and Wednesday.  Even myself, as much as I kept a safe distance from the natives during their sickness, am beginning to display signs of rhinorrhea and congestion.  I am in hopes that this affliction passes soon so that all may return to normal around the tribal abode.


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