Day 168: Tuesday Develops a Taste for Purple…Crayons

Tuesday has begun to show great skill and artistry in creating artwork with colored wax crayons of late.  She is but a young native and often suffers developmental challenges and learning moments along the way.  These challenges are occasionally moments of discovery gone wrong and of shear wonder.  Tuesday does require supervision during her art making for often, the curious native has tendencies to make marks on objects that are not capable of receiving the least impression of crayons or other writing implements.  Today’s episode involved not the marking of invalid objects, but rather the taste testing of certain purple wax crayons.

It was an ordinary morning in the tribal abode, both natives were awake and active and toddling about the tribal living area.  Tuesday’s upright art board was placed in the tribal living area in such manner as to facilitate Tuesday’s use.  After feeding Wednesday, and placing her in the circular exercise apparatus, Tuesday arrived in the food preparation area, with the box of wax crayons in hand, eager for me to open them for her use.  I proceeded with the artistic native back to the art board and placed the crayons in the attached tray for that purpose.  I implored Tuesday to make marks only on the paper attached to the art board as I normally do prior to her art making.  She immediately came to the art board and began creating a crayon masterpiece.

Tuesday appeared quite engrossed in her work and in programs on the electronic media box, so I retreated to the food preparation area to continue my labors.  Soon, all grew quiet, which is a sign that mischief was abound.  Upon closer inspection, I found Tuesday no longer engrossed in her artwork and with a ring around her mouth in purple, as seen below.

I immediately sprung into action, first gathering the young native to determine whether she consumed a whole crayon or not.  Upon several unsuccessful inquiries to the young native regarding where the purple crayon was, I then began a count of the crayons on the tray.  Upon closer inspection, I determined that the tip of one of the crayons was missing, finding little pieces of the tip here and there about the tray and tribal abode floor.  I then determined that Tuesday had not consumed much if any of the crayon but rather used it to create some sort of lip adornment, common to older female natives.

After a closer inspection of the native’s mouth and seeing no evidence of purple wax crayon present, my thoughts were confirmed.  Finally, after documenting the incident, I cleaned up the native, removing all of the purple from her face, hands and clothes.  Following the cleanup procedure, I gathered the remaining crayons from the tray and quickly deposited them into their container.

Tuesday went about her business, watching more closely the programs on the electronic media box.  For now, her art making has been suspended, perhaps for the remainder of the day.  I have but one conclusion for the reason for Tuesday’s crayon mishap: warpaint.  The warpaint she applies during the bathing ritual is also in the form of crayon, however the warpaint she applies is considerably more washable and less likely to cause injury to the young native, especially when applied to her face.


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