Day 172: Tuesday Demonstrates the Art of Dipping

Since observation of the tribe began several months ago, the natives of the tribe have occasionally exhibited signs of civilized and often socially acceptable practices, ranging from the use of utensils to consume sustenance to the creation of artwork.  These moments of civility lead me to believe that the possibility of taming the natives and enriching their understanding and use of common practices in civilized cultures is highly probable and sustainable.  However, make no mistake; they are natives and I am often reminded of that fact by their tribal tendencies and uncivilized ways.  But, I digress.  Today’s moment of great enrichment lies in the hands of Tuesday during her consumption of her first meal of the day.

Tuesday has shown great promise in her development, both in her quickness in understanding advanced concepts to attempting civilized and socially acceptable practices and behavior.  Often, when consuming sustenance, her food is consumed with such a fury that I dare not intervene whilst consumption is taking place.  One could perhaps lose a limb or worse, an appendage during the carnage.  Today, however, Tuesday displayed a much more civilized approach to consuming her sustenance, demonstrating the art of dipping.

Whilst I do not consider this a form of intinction, I do believe that this act of civility is perhaps the beginning of greater things for the native.  Her meal consisted of a circular breakfast pastry, broken into bite size pieces and an indigenous fruit flavored dairy mixture, both of which are common to the diet of the natives.  I provided her with a utensil and allowed her to feed herself, an activity she has performed with some success.  And thus, consumption began.  When the breakfast pastry had finished toasting, I provided it to her as was previously explained.  Without form or hesitation, she began taking the pastry, dipping into the yogurt and consuming the dipped pastry from its new state.

This continued until the pastry was entirely consumed and the young native demanded more.  Avoiding disagreeable behavior, I began preparing another breakfast pastry, which the native was eagerly awaiting.  Soon, she grew weary of waiting, however and retreated from her seating apparatus at the communal eating surface.  She returned later to consume that which was left of the pastry, with and without the dairy mixture.

This behavior leads me to believe that the natives have the propensity to learn civilized ways and are not quite as barbaric and savage as was previously thought or witnessed.  The future holds much for the natives; I am in hopes to witness more civilized behavior as they develop….


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