Day 182: The Tribal Leader Departs Leaving Me In Charge of the Natives For An Extended Period of Time

Ten days have passed since my last entry and much has occurred in the tribe.  It is customary, in this tribal culture, to celebrate a festive holiday centering around consuming a large fowl on the fourth Thursday of the eleventh month in the calendar year.  It is also customary that a multitude of other consumable dishes accompany such a feast, much to the pleasure of all the natives in this culture.  This festive holiday known to some as Thanksgiving, occurred but four days ago, prompting the commencement of another season within the tribal culture: one of merriment, outdoor and indoor lighting fixtures and the addition of a large fir bearing tree placed in the tribal living area.  These are curious times indeed.  Much observation must be done to ensure that the natives do not cause the large indoor tree to come down in addition to the observation that they normally require.

As if the passing of the holiday and the commencement of the new season were not enough, it has become necessary for the tribal leader to depart from the tribe for a time for occupational reasons.  She charged me with caring for the natives in her stead.  This indeed was unknown territory and would require all of the fortitude I could muster.  I agreed and thus endeavoring to keep the natives happy.

I transported the tribal leader to the aviation center where she would board a large mechanical flying machine for her destination.  After leaving her at the aviation center, I returned to the tribal abode with the natives to provide them with their morning sustenance.

All has indeed been quiet at the tribal abode – for now.  The natives appear to be of good disposition and are going about their native ways quietly.  I hope this continues into the afternoon and evening.  The duration of the tribal leader’s excursion is four days – the longest she has been apart from the natives and the abode for quite some time.

For now, all is ok.  I can only hope that my fortitude will persevere through the next four days…


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