Day 189: The Natives Encounter A Strange Heavyset Old Man in a Red Suit

It has been a week since my last entry and I will briefly record the events thereof: Whilst the tribal leader was absent, I took up care of the natives for four seemingly excruciatingly long days.  At first, their demeanor and activity appeared normal; however, soon they appeared to realize the reality of the situation: the tribal leader was not home, nor would she be home for an extended period of time.  To break up the monotony, I departed with the natives on an excursion to visit the tribal elders on the second day of the ordeal.  Whilst this pleased the natives, we were required to return to the tribal abode, to their dismay.  Two more days of observation passed until the tribal leader returned to the abode.  Needless to say, the natives were extremely elated to see her.

The event I shall now describe centers around a custom of this tribal culture.  In the native’s culture, each year in the twelfth month and on the twenty-fifth day a celebration occurs whereby gifts or tokens are exchanged among natives and as legend has it, each year in the twelfth month on the twenty-fourth day, the evening before the celebration, a strange heavyset old man in a red fur lined suit visits each tribal abode with gifts for all of the young natives of the tribal culture.  This custom follows with the hanging of cloth foot coverings in an effort to have them filled with goodies by the same strange old man.  A fir bearing tree is erected, almost in his honor, and gifts are deposited around said tree.  It appears to be a very festive time of year that causes natives to be of better disposition and demeanor, for, this jolly old man does not deliver gifts to those natives who are not agreeable.

The following event occurred at a tribal gathering yesterday morning, whereby natives of all sizes and ages attended, in the hope to see this strange old man in the  red suit.  Accordingly, Tuesday and Wednesday, together with the tribal leader attended this event.  Let me be completely clear here: Tuesday and Wednesday have had very little experience with the customs of the season much less the strange old man in the red suit.

The natives consumed their morning sustenance and then it became time for the old man in the red suit to make his entrance.  All of the natives gathered round the old gent, who came with some rather large helpers, and began speaking in native tongue with the crowd of anxious natives.  Soon, the old man in the red suit began to dispense gifts, ironically labeled for each native present and soon it became time for Tuesday to approach the old man to receive her gift.

Now, I shall now describe the episode in great detail for when prompting Tuesday to approach the strange old man, she attempted to scale the tribal leader to retreat as far from the old man as physically possible.  The sheer terror in her eyes was a striking example of how terrified she apparently was of the strange old man and refused to be brought near his vicinity.  The tribal leader offered to let her observe a bit more, in hopes that she would be more amenable to the situation after observing other natives interact with the jolly old gent.  Apparently, this is indeed common among natives Tuesday’s age and size to be completely and utterly terrified of such a jolly old elf of a man.

After a period of time, it became Wednesday’s time with the jolly old elf.  Due to Wednesday’s lack of mobility I brought the young native over to the old man and sat her on his lap, as similar natives had done previously.  Wednesday was infatuated with the old man’s beard and attempted to remove it from his face.  The old man not wanting his facial hair removed moved quickly by providing Wednesday with her gift and I promptly removed the young native, without incident.  Apparently, the younger the native, the less of an issue with strange old men there is.  Featured below is Wednesday on the old man’s lap.

Soon, it became Tuesday’s turn again.  This time, I scooped up the young native and attempted to place her in position on the old man’s knee, without success.  The old man offered for me to hold the now distraught native on his lap, which was also met with disagreement from Tuesday.  I received Tuesday’s gift and proceeded a safe distance away with her to open it.

Thus, the end of the encounter with the strange old man in the red suit.  Methinks that a year hence might present a different situation for the natives, however, only time will tell.


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  1. Posted by Sue Whitney on December 6, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    I thjink you got your days mixed. the one I see on Santa’s lap is wednsday.


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