Day 197: Wednesday Contracts a Double Ear Infection; Tuesday Discovers an Electronic Canine

Though the natives have been exhibiting normal behavior, Wednesday has once again contracted an infection of the ear, however this time, she is suffering with ear infections in both ears.  The first signs of this affliction came last Friday evening and early Saturday morning when the disagreeable native refused to rest.  Noting the behavior, the tribal leader called the medicine man who requested to examine her.  Upon close examination he determined that she had the onset of an ear infection in both ears and prescribed the necessary antidote to soothe and cure the infection.  To date, the antidote appears to be working however the native continues to display disagreeable behavior.  She will be monitored closely over the next ten days to determine whether her condition improves or not.

During the past week, the tribal leader and I have brought the natives on several excursions to obtain the necessary provisions for the tribe as well as tokens to exchange with other natives and tribal elders.  The destination for these excursions has differed slightly, however the intent is for the most part the same.

The trading post that has become the destination of choice of the tribe contains a wide variety of provisions, articles and objects, guaranteed to fulfill the need of any of the natives that trade there.  Also, being the season of the strange little man in the red suit, much of the decor and promotional items feature strange elfin characters and animals of the deer family.  The trading post is literally littered with aisle upon aisle of useless knickknacks whose use is simply to be a token to be re-gifted at a later date.  Still, more aisles upon aisles feature the greatest income of this festive season: toys and assorted playthings.

Make no mistake; this trading post had perhaps one of the largest selections of toys for natives of all ages and sizes as well as the best prices; hence why the tribal leader chose to trade here and not somewhere else.  Tuesday is particularly interested in this area of the trading post, exclaiming wildly, “EEEEEEEE!!!!” which in native tongue means “please.”  Objects that particularly attracted her attention included but were not limited to interlocking blocks, little plastic structures that include little people, crayons and of course, electronic canines.

The electronic canines toys are configured to make noise upon passing by them in the trading post; a particularly crafty method of allowing the object to sell itself.  This method immediately captured the attention of Tuesday, who needed no assistance when diverting her attention to anything canine related.  Wild exclamations of “DOG!” and “EEEE!!!” persisted here until bringing the native closer to the electronic canine display.  Each container, housing one of the now whimpering toys, featured air holes in the top whereby natives could touch the seemingly realistic toy inside.  This further animated Tuesday’s excitement as she continued exuberantly chattering away at the large display of electronic canine toys.

Soon, however, the inevitable happened: it became time for the tribal leader and the natives to depart.  The tribal leader informed Tuesday that she needed to say goodbye to the canine and that she might see it again.  The native began displaying lamentations of displeasure, but complied with the tribal leader’s request.  “BYE DOG!!” is all that could be heard as we moved away from the display.  Clearly Tuesday had some level of attachment with the toy.

Shortly thereafter, we departed from the trading post and set off to return to the tribal abode.  Further excursions to the trading post will inevitably be necessary in the coming days, and inevitably, Tuesday will be present on them.  Perhaps this electronic canine might find its way to the tribal abode…or perhaps not… it seems that it is all up to the strange man in the red suit now….



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