Day 200: Preparing the Natives to Utilize the Indoor Latrine

There comes a time in all ages and civilizations when preparations must begin to educate young natives in the use of the indoor latrine.  Previous to which, natives have soiled drove upon drove of disposable undergarments; and as this culture has established as its standard for all natives to abide by, it becomes necessary that these natives, particularly Tuesday, is prepared to assume the role of using the indoor latrine.

Gaining the Native’s Focus on the Concept

As I have previously recorded and observed, gaining the focus of natives of this age and size is difficult at best.  The process of gaining the attention of Tuesday is often futile, and even perhaps unworthy of the effort put forth to achieve the intended results.  Since Tuesday exhibits perpetual motion, forcing the native to remain in one vicinity for any length of time is a challenge, however, given the arsenal of tools and antics at my disposal, I am confident that corralling the native is feasible.

Tuesday tends to show particular interest in a program on the electronic media box designed to educate natives her age and size on the finer points of using the indoor latrine.  The program features a red puppet with a high-pitched voice that Tuesday is particularly fond of, as well as other similar characters.  Set to music that is often catchy enough that even amidst all the goings on of the day, I have been known on occasion, to be singing some of the tunes to this program.  Yes, indeed, this has been an effective tool to gain the native’s interest, however, it still remains to be seen whether or not the concepts put forth are being retained by Tuesday.

Setting-Up the Necessary Equipment

Since the indoor latrine used by the tribal leader and myself is not adjustable and is at a height that is not conducive to natives who are learning to use it, a smaller, more portable latrine has been setup in the same vicinity as the immovable, higher latrine.  The native’s latrine which I shall refer to as the “potty” is pink in color and can also be used as a step stool to reach the wash basin above it.

Tuesday has demonstrated some interest in using the potty and has even sat upon it once or twice.  However, her interest is fleeting and I believe, at present, she does not exhibit any interest in utilizing the latrine for its intended purpose.  In fact, she has, on occasion, dismantled the potty and attempted to put some pieces of it on her head as a hat.  Quickly noting this, we removed the part from her hand and returned it to its rightful place, admonishing her to never put it on her head again.  Indeed, Tuesday will require more education and practice in the finer points of using the potty.

Instruction Begins

Tuesday’s “potty” instruction has already commenced, however with little progress.  As was stated earlier, she demonstrates little interest in using the potty for its intended use, however I feel that with continued reinforcement of the potty concept and exposure to it, she may change her method of thinking.  For now, exposure is the key to her education.  It has been stated that all natives of this age and size utilize the indoor latrine at their own pace and method, and thus, it appears to be the same with Tuesday.  As time moves forward and the native ages, perhaps education might be replaced with assistance in the act of using the potty.  Time will indeed tell.

Further observation of this practice is imperative and perhaps will be recorded here.  I am in hopes that Tuesday takes to using the indoor latrine, or at least her potty, quickly and that the process does not result in small disasters throughout the tribal abode.


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