Day 206: Tuesday and Wednesday: The Robin Hood and Little John of the Tribe

It has become apparent that there are indeed traits that the natives exhibit that are not, shall we say, socially acceptable in any tribal culture.  Some of these behaviors include but are not limited to kicking, fighting, reaching decibels far above that of human ears, the use of food to create a masterpiece on the communal eating surface, the list goes on and on.  The natives, particularly Tuesday, have begun another socially unacceptable behavior or trait: thievery.

Let me not be mistaken, here, in that the intent of the mischievous native is not to retain any of the articles that find themselves into her hands.  She appears to be the “Robin Hood” of found objects in the tribe, whereby upon finding an article that clearly belongs to another member of the tribe, she absconds with the item, perhaps to be presented to another tribal member or native as a token or for assistance.  Often, the objects that she finds are merely within reach of the thrifty native, either on the communal eating surface or some other surface where object can be placed.  Yes, indeed, she has quite a propensity of removing articles from their last place of rest.

As was previously observed and recorded, Tuesday’s sleight of hand skills are impressive, perhaps frightening.  At the same time, her strength and resourcefulness are impressive as well: capable of moving a forty-five pound electronic media box in order to retrieve the plastic guard covering the operating buttons for the device.  These two traits together make her a formidable thief, and often, a danger to herself and other members of the tribe.  However, kept in check, her abilities and behaviors can be used for good instead of evil.

Objects that have “disappeared” have included several toys, electronic telecommunication devices of varying levels of expensiveness, eating utensils, writing instruments, foot coverings, assorted articles of clothing and more.  On some occasions, electronic media have gone amongst the missing, only to be found much later among toys and other play objects.  Yes, Tuesday is quite a master-thief.

The biggest problem with Tuesday’s thievery skills is that once something has been “taken”, it becomes very difficult to find its whereabouts, particularly when requesting the information from Tuesday.  Not being able to speak the tribal language fluently yet, her speech is babble, at best, and dost not provided adequate information when necessary.  Moreover, her memory is sadly lacking.  Whilst she can remember more and more as days pass, sadly, she can ordinarily only remember that which has been enforced and reinforced many, many times.

Wednesday on the other hand, dost not exhibit fine thievery skills.  Instead, she uses the repeated attack method whereby anything within arms reach of her person is in danger of being absconded with.  The benefit to her thievery is that for the moment, she is not mobile, therefore, objects cannot stray too far from her, unless she is in cahoots with her elder sibling.  I prefer to refer to her as the “Little John” of Robin Hood’s band of thieves.

And there you have it.  A spitting image of Robin Hood, at the ripe old age of two and Little John, his head assistance and cohort in thievery.  Together, these two make a formidable pair that I hope can be converted to the ways of righteousness.


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