Day 207: Escape Attempt No. 241 Thwarted…

It is impressive to contemplate the determination and persistence of the natives, particularly when attempting to escape the confines of the tribal living area.  The ingenuity that they possess at such a young age baffles the mind.  In the same moment, I find myself perplexed at the thought of what could have occurred if the natives’ attempts were not thwarted.  I shall now attempt to recall the situation which occurred around high noon yesterday.

This particular escape involves Tuesday, as do most of these entries regarding escape attempts.  The day was much like any other: there was renovating of the tribal living area, rambunctious activity about the tribal abode, removal of decorative objects from the indoor holiday tree, the scaling of the wildlife recreation structure – seemingly normal and agreeable behavior, for the most part.  A program of educational content was playing on the electronic media box, to which Tuesday was paying little attention at best.  Wednesday was in the circular exercise apparatus, cooing and drooling as was normal behavior for the young native.  The floor of the tribal living area appeared as though a tornado of playthings had passed through, toppling electronic music structures, scattering blocks and puzzles far and wide and leaving a wake of assorted toys from wall to wall.  Indeed, the stage was set for Tuesday’s great escape, for, she knew that by the scattering of playthings and covering any kind of pathway through the tribal living area would indeed slow down the Enforcer.

For all intents and purposes, for the remainder of this entry, I shall refer to myself as the Enforcer because during this episode, that is primarily my function: to enforce the laws and rules of the tribe.  In this episode, rule number five is being infracted upon: Thou shalt not climb on anything that has been forbidden.

I, attempting to be productive, was about my labors in the food preparation area, widely out of sight of Tuesday and her antics.  Knowing this, she made her move. Quickly and quietly she retrieved the small blue seating apparatus that was stowed away in the tribal living area.  This small blue plastic seating apparatus was designed for natives Tuesday’s size and weight and was the appropriate height for scaling the gate which confined her to the tribal living area.  Keeping a watchful eye, she moved the seating apparatus into position, and attempted to scale the gate.

About this time, I determined that all was just a little too quiet in the tribal abode and that was when I went to look at the situation.  I must have frightened Tuesday with my reprimand because as she was attempting to swing her leg over the gate, I spoke, and she recanted, sliding to a seated position on the chair.  She attempted to appear as though she was now interested in the program on the electronic media box and that nothing had ever happened.  She quickly departed from the seating apparatus upon my approach and I stowed away the object once more.

Wednesday, throughout the entire ordeal, appeared entertained, or at the very least, content with the antics of her elder sibling.  Because she is not yet able to speak and her ramblings and babbling is often unmeaningful, she is not useful in informing me of any wrongdoing her sibling may be causing.  In this instance, she could be considered an accomplice, however, she appeared to neither help nor hinder her sisters efforts to escape, so I believe she is off the hook…this time.

To date, Tuesday has not attempted to scale the gate utilizing the surrendered seating apparatus again.  With the loss of the seating apparatus as a tool to escape the tribal living area, I am troubled as to Tuesday’s resourcefulness to find another object to suit her needs.


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