Day 212: The Day of the Strange Fat Man in the Red Suit

After what appeared to be a seemingly excruciatingly long holiday season, it finally came time for the strange fat man in the red suit to arrive and deposit the gifts and tokens for the natives.  As was previously explained, this “tradition” in this culture involves bearing gifts from the strange fat man in the red suit to the natives who believe in this custom.  According to legend, the strange fat man, who shall be known as Father Christmas for the remainder of this entry, lands his sleigh pulled by eight flying antlered animals, on the roof of the tribal abode.  He then, according to myth, enters the abode via the smoke stack and goes about his business inside the tribal abode.  There are some very interesting inquiries that develop from this myth.  For instance, abodes, such as this one, are without a fireplace and more importantly, a smoke stack.  Several answers can be applied to answer this important question ranging from magic to an extra key being produced, just for Father Christmas.  Whatever the answer, it appears to suffice for young natives.

Upon laying the natives to their slumbers on the eve before the day of the fat man in the red suit, the tribal leader, together with the tribal leader’s sibling and I began to arrange the gifts around the lighted indoor tree.  Soon, however, the floor of the tribal abode was not conducive to walking or passing through.  It appears that with the arrangement of the tribal furniture, as well as the addition of the indoor tree and gifts, that functional space within the tribal living area was at a premium.  Nonetheless, we continued our work until all of the necessary gifts were placed around, under or near the indoor tree.  Below is an image of the tree with the gifts surrounding it.

Whilst making final preparations for the following morning, Tuesday awoke from her slumbers, most disagreeably.  Tuesday had not had adequate rest time during the day and was prone to waking in a most disagreeable manner, shortly after being laid to her slumbers.  These “night terrors” may last from ten minutes to half an hour and involve the unhappy native being unaware of her surroundings and inconsolable lament.  As the native was brought into the tribal living area from her resting quarters, she noticed NONE of what had been left by “Father Christmas.”  Moreover, she was in the tribal living area for fifteen or twenty minutes before her inconsolable lament ceased.  Just prior to her return to her resting quarters, Tuesday did notice some of the objects placed around the tree, however, her attention was quickly diverted back to returning to her slumbers.  Truly a disturbing turn of events, however, her return to her slumbers prompted favorable results, and the evening went on from there.

The following morning, the natives awoke, much more agreeable than was previously seen.  Upon bringing them out to the tribal living area, Tuesday immediately discovered all of what Father Christmas had deposited around the tree.  The first items that were presented for their inspection were the oversized foot coverings which had been hung all season near the electronic media box.  The “stockings” were removed from their hanging position and were now on the floor, bulging with small gifts, tokens and other items for the natives to enjoy.

In the toe of each of the oversized foot coverings was a small citrus fruit that Tuesday was rather fond of.  Upon presenting Wednesday with her citrus surprise, she immediately attempted to consume it, peel and all.  Being that Wednesday only has two teeth, the damage that she could inflict on the citrus fruit was minimal and lasted only minutes.  I took back the fruit I had previously given to her and placed it out of reach so that she could not attempt to find a method of extracting the fruit inside.  Below is an image of Wednesday during one of her attempts.

Before any further progress could be made with regard to the unwrapping of gifts, it became necessary for the natives, the tribal leader and the tribal leader’s sibling and I to consume our morning sustenance, which we did.

Following the consumption of sustenance, the opening of gifts commenced.  Prior to the fat man in the red suit’s arrival, Tuesday had not demonstrated real skill or interest in her unwrapping capabilities.  However, this was quickly remedied on this day.  Upon presenting to Tuesday, a gift from “Father Christmas” labeled properly for her, she immediately tore into it, with some assistance to get to the product inside.

However, it was perhaps that which was unwrapped to begin with, from the fat man in the red suit, that was the object of Tuesday’s fascination.  The play food preparation area was of great interest to her and she required it being brought away from the tree so that it could be inspected and utilized.  Indeed, the work that went into assembling this masterpiece paid off immensely.

Following the inspection of the food preparation area, Tuesday began to unwrap more gifts from “Father Christmas” and the tribal leader.  Other gifts included an electronic canine that responded to voices and movements, a wooden puzzle, kitchen appliances to accompany the food preparation area, board games and a set of dolls and accessories for their care.  Upon inspecting the dolls, it did not appear that voodoo was at play with them, much to my relief.  Indeed, “Father Christmas” had outdone himself this year.  Below is an image of Tuesday unwrapping more gifts.

The tribe then departed for another celebration with the tribal elders and other natives, which lasted well into the evening.  Indeed, the celebration of the day of the fat man in the red suit was quite enjoyable.  I have determined, however, that it is fortunate that this holiday only arrives but once each year.


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