Day 217: Preparations Begin for Modification to Tuesday’s Sleeping Quarters

At long last, the time has indeed come for Tuesday’s sleeping quarters to be modified to better suit her developing needs.  It is common, in this tribal culture, for natives Tuesday’s size and age, to transition from sleeping quarters that are designed to confine unskilled natives to a safe resting place, to a regular bunk, similar to that of older natives.  The conversion itself is not an extensive process, however, Tuesday’s conversion to the new format may require some adjustment.

You see, since Tuesday was but an infant, she has been confined to the walls of her current resting quarters: a wooden cage, if you will, with varying levels of adjustment.  On its earliest setting, the cushion, on which Tuesday sleeps, was much higher off the floor of her resting quarters.  As she has grown and developed, and demonstrated great talent and skill of escaping the confines of her crib, the tribal leader and I have lowered the cushion to keep her both out of mischief and safe.  However, this effort was merely biding time until the inevitable was to occur.  Tuesday would soon need to be transitioned to a smaller, but regular bunk, with the ability to come and go as she pleases.  This concept was met with great contemplation between me and the tribal leader, yet we determined that this situation would be most beneficial going forward as it would eventually be necessary for Tuesday’s latrine training.

Accompanying the conversion comes the addition to Tuesday’s resting quarters of new bunk coverings, consisting of a light weight cushion cover, a light weight sheet, a rather soft and comfortable covering and a smooth, silky covering which covers the whole bunk, complete with a head cushion sham.  The entire “set” is printed with a fairy character and is purple in color.  Tuesday displayed great interest in the pattern of the set when it was acquired, but she has shown little interest since.

The “conversion” was to take place three days prior to today, however the tribal leader and myself experienced disagreeable behavior from Tuesday regarding retreating off to her slumbers several evenings ago and has persisted nightly since.  As a consequence, the conversion did not occur and will remain so, I expect, until Friday of this week.  So far, the behavior has not changed much, however, I expect it to be modified very soon.

I will continue to chronicle Tuesday’s antics as she adjusts to the resting quarter conversion.  I expect there to be repeated attempts at laying her to her slumbers and her escaping her new bunk.  I am convinced however, that Tuesday will eventually adapt to the new arrangement and perhaps enjoy the freedom it allows.  Freedom, I hope, that will not lead to nightly headaches.


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