Day 218: The Natives Experience Bedtime and Sleeping Woes

As is customary with many young natives, bedtime and continuous overnight sleep tend to be fleeting if not, a rarity.  Such is the nature of the overnight slumber period of the natives of this tribe.  There are different schools of thought on facilitating early bedtimes for young natives, as well as continuous overnight slumbers.  However, upon applying the different methods to our now situation, I find that none of the approaches proposed yield acceptable results.  Perhaps, the issue of the proper bedtime and the secret to continuous overnight slumber is on a native-to-native basis and what works for some natives, may not work for all.  Thus we experience yet another Great Bedtime Fiasco.

One school of thought regarding and facilitating early slumbers for young natives is to deprive them of a short rest period during the daylight hours.  The theory behind this is simple: deprive the native of sleep so that they are, indeed, quite exhausted at the end of the day.  The down side of this theory is upon laying natives to their slumbers early, they are prone to awakening before twilight in a rather disagreeable manner.  Tuesday is infamous for this small feat, as was the scene at the tribal abode last evening.  Subscribing to the sleep deprivation method of achieving an early bedtime, I kept Tuesday awake through the daylight hours yesterday, knowing the potential for this method to backfire.  According to method principles, I laid Tuesday to her slumbers, most disagreeably, but early last evening, at approximately 7:30 PM.

Wednesday, who naps frequently throughout the daylight hours each day was prepared for her slumbers as well and was laid to rest in her sleeping quarters as well.  All was indeed quiet until approximately 9 o’clock PM when Wednesday awoke, most disagreeably.  This began a chain reaction, for when Wednesday awoke, she had no regard for her then sleeping sibling.  I was able to slip out of their resting quarters with Wednesday, thinking that Tuesday was still fast asleep.  However, I was wrong.  So very wrong.

Soon, Tuesday was awake and she was retrieved by the tribal leader who attended to her apparent affliction.  Apparently, Wednesday awoke with a hunger to rival predators on the plains of Africa.  Upon soothing the savage beast in Wednesday she was laid to her slumbers again.  The time was now approximately 10 o’clock PM.  Tuesday was still active and awake.

There were two more attempts made to lay Tuesday to her slumbers last evening; the last being just before the twilight hour.  Multiple media options were played on the electronic media box to assist in preparing Tuesday for her slumbers and to calm down her active body.  Finally she gave in to the sleep which would soon overcome her.  As I previously stated, the time was now, something before twilight.

Soon, the tribal leader and myself were resting in our quarters, in hopes that we would experience uninterrupted sleep overnight.  However, this hope was quickly dashed away for by one hour past twilight, Wednesday had awoken in a most disagreeable manner.  I quickly arose, and swept up the now distraught native and attended to her afflictions.  Providing her with the proper antidote for the reason for her awakening, and providing her some liquid sustenance to eliminate that possibility,  I was able to return her to her resting quarters in approximately thirty minutes.  I then returned to my own resting quarters, and attempted to return myself to a restful sleep as well.

Fat chance of that happening.

Around two hours past twilight, Tuesday awoke, in much the same disagreeable manner as her younger sibling.  Being already quite awake, I arose yet again to retrieve the disagreeable native.  This however, was not as quickly resolved as Wednesday’s affliction.  Tuesday is prone to “night terrors” which are nasty, God-awful things whereby the native will cry and lament for long periods of time without knowledge of her whereabouts, who is accompanying her or her surroundings.  At this point, I tried numerous options at my disposal for remedying Tuesday’s condition, the best of which is a program on the electronic media box featuring agricultural animals and equipment.  For some odd, strange reason, Tuesday finds this soothing and ordinarily, it brings her around to reality.  I provided her with a beverage and a remedy for her now rock hard stomach.  Soon, she was ready for her return to her slumbers.  The time was now something between two and one half hours past twilight and just before three hours past twilight.  Soon, daylight would shine again and I did not want to be awake for that auspicious occasion.

I remained asleep until I heard one of the natives awakening disagreeably in the early daylight hours.  I informed the tribal leader and she arose and tended to the disagreeable native, who in turn returned to her slumbers.

Today, I am subscribing to another school of thought regarding bedtimes and continuous overnight sleep.  I have forced both natives to have ample rest time during daylight hours which often prolongs the bedtime hour.  And, while the bedtime hour is prolonged, it usually produces more favorable continuous overnight sleep for all parties involved.  This we shall see…tonight.


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