Day 222: The Conversion Begins…

Introducing change to any young native’s normal routine can be hazardous, or even disastrous.  Preparations began several days ago for Tuesday’s conversion from confined resting quarters to more regular and open concept resting quarters, however, the actual conversion was postponed due to the contrary behavior of the young native, as well as her nocturnal activity during the past week.  After a short discussion, the tribal leader and myself determined that this evening would be the first night of Tuesday’s conversion to an “older native’s” resting quarters.

The first part of the conversion involved the construction and deconstruction of her current resting quarters.  This involved the use of printed instructions from the original assembly, as well as some new printed instructions to accompany the additional assembly.  Armed with the proper tools for the job, or so I thought, I began my attack on the disassembly of the resting quarters.  Upon getting into the project, I determined that I lacked the necessary hardware to complete the job and inquired with the tribal leader if she could locate the necessary parts.  Whilst she was conducting her search, I continued the disassembly, which ended successfully.

The next segment of the conversion involved reinstalling the detached mattress spring which had been detached due to its existence assisting Tuesday’s escape efforts.  This project, I assumed would be relatively simple, attaching the apparatus with four bolts into the necessary holes on the bed frame.  How terribly wrong I was.  After numerous contortions, some colorful language and tipping the whole resting quarters on its side, I was able to attach one of the ends of the spring apparatus to the bed frame.  I attempted to attach the second end however, I was met with obstacle after obstacle.  If I had only had one more arm, thought I, thinking to myself how many times before I had muttered this same desire.  I called for and requested the tribal leader’s assistance by holding the spring apparatus in position and I sunk the second bolt into the frame.  The remaining two bolts required flipping the whole resting quarters yet again, performing the same or similar operations on the other side.  Finally, the spring for the mattress was in place.

I continued the next segment of the conversion by retrieving the new addition to the young native’s resting quarters, the bed rail.  This bed rail’s purpose is simply to keep the native from falling out of the now open resting quarters.  Observing the piece with a cynical eye, I determined that the job was simple, yet there had to be a catch to its assembly.  Examining it more closely, I determined that there was no catch, it was just as simple as it appeared, so I began its installation, which went much smoother than the spring assembly.

Finally, the resting quarters were modified to their full extent, or at least to the extent that I was finished in this moment.  Next, I applied the necessary coverings as previously described by adding a fitted mattress sheet, a similar cloth sheet, a blanket and a top covering with a satiny finish.  The project was finished with a new head cushion, covered by yet another satiny covering.

Tuesday seemed rather satisfied with the novelty of laying in the open resting quarters and even jumped exuberantly upon it.  The tribal leader admonished her to not jump on her new resting quarters and she quickly recanted from her exuberance.  Further excavation of the natives’ resting quarters continued, removing all that could be demolished or damaged from unconstrained native behavior.  This opened up the living area of the room, allowing much more room for active play.  The stage was now set for the first night of Tuesday’s new resting quarters.

For now, Tuesday sleeps rather soundly.  The first attempt at putting Tuesday down to her slumbers for the night proved unsuccessful, for shortly after the first attempt, she departed her resting quarters and entered the tribal living area.  The second attempt, however, has proved successful.  Upon placing her back in her new resting quarters, I covered the young native with her new sheets and blankets, to help facilitate the sleep that would eventually overcome her.  I wish to note that Tuesday omitted a rest period today, perhaps why she was so amenable to sleep this evening.

I shall end here, for dawn comes quickly.  Perhaps the young native will sleep soundly tonight and awaken at a good hour in the morning.


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