Day 223: The Morning After…

Last evening began Tuesday’s conversion from her confined resting quarters to an “older native’s” resting quarters.  It being the first attempt at adjusting the native to habits of older natives, I am pleasantly surprised at its results.  For the most part, this experiment in change appeared to be successful; Tuesday appeared to enjoy the freedom the new resting quarters gave her and seemed to be adjusting to it well.  Wednesday’s resting quarters did not change at all, though she still appeared to be exhibiting signs of teething and/or the remain effects of her latest ear affliction, for she was awake throughout the night, on different occasions.  On most of those occasions, I was able to slip into the natives resting quarters and provide Wednesday with some magical teething pills, which after taking effect, caused her to return to her slumbers.  I wish to note that Tuesday never awoke due to her younger sibling’s lament or due to my entrance or departure.  It appeared that she was comfortable enough that she slept quite soundly.

Tuesday did awake, however, around twilight, seemingly with a night terror that lasted only minutes.  She departed her resting quarters and entered the tribal living space where the tribal leader and I were prepared for her arrival.  After changing her disposable undergarment and starting the agricultural program that she is so fond of on the electronic media box, she quickly calmed down and soon was ready to return to her resting quarters.  After placing her back in her new bed, the tribal leader and I returned to our slumbers and were not awoken again until very early morning.

Tuesday and Wednesday must have some sort of pact or tribal agreement whereby when either native awakens and the other is still slumbering, said awakened native must awaken the slumbering native, for reasons unknown.  Perhaps misery indeed loves company.  Whatever the case may be, when Wednesday awoke this morning shortly after the 6 o’clock hour and before the sun began to peak above the horizon, she immediately sought to awaken her sibling which was done with success, much to my dismay.  By the time I arrived in the tribal living area, Tuesday was at the gate, which had been latched and closed, closing her off from the tribal living area.  Opening the gate, she charged in, apparently in a bit of disarray.  The tribal leader arrived and sat with the disoriented native as I attended to Wednesday.  It was apparent that Tuesday, and soon Wednesday, were indeed awakened for the day’s activities, again, much to my dismay.

For now, the natives have been fed and are content.  Wednesday has returned to her resting quarters for a rest period, which, I assume will last for a couple of hours.  Tuesday, on the other hand, is in the process of renovating the tribal living area.  I assume that she will eventually also go for a rest period, based on her temperament and behavior.  I can only hope that this rest period will be sooner rather than later for I am feeling the effects of lack of sleep as well.  Effects, that even coffee may be unable to remedy.


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