Day 224: Tuesday’s Obsession with Personal Hygiene

According to studies conducted by other tribal observers and based on knowledge that I have gleaned during my observation of the tribe, it is common, if not ordinary, for natives of Tuesday’s age and size to vehemently despise personal hygiene of any kind.  Often, I have found that the Bathing Ritual, in particular, for some natives is not as fondly considered with other natives as it is with Tuesday.  Moreover, Tuesday’s exuberance at the mention of the Bathing Ritual, be it two seconds after her awakening from her slumbers or during her consumption of sustenance in the evening, is unmatched.  I am perplexed as to the reason for such fondness because of the many thousands of natives who despise even the act of bathing.  If allowed to brush her teeth as often as she requests, Tuesday would perform the act of cleaning her teeth several times each day.  Mystery, indeed, surrounds Tuesday’s affinity for personal hygiene and I am determined to unravel this strange tale of a native and her hygiene.

I have already recorded in detail the ceremony that pertains to the bathing ritual; I need not cover those bases again here.  However, I will illustrate a moment in time regarding Tuesday and preparations for her bathing ritual.  It was a normal, ordinary evening, the evening’s sustenance had just been consumed and I was charged with bathing the natives and preparing them for their slumbers.  Tuesday, at the very mention of a bath, exclaimed and gesticulated wildly, “a BATH?” as if there were a question of whether or not she would be receiving one.  She carried on for several minutes, in fact, during the whole time I was preparing the bath for her.  I proceeded to prepare the bathing area for the native: running water into the basin, appropriating the necessary bathing equipment (ie. cloths, soap and shampoo) and of course, the necessary tub toys as required by Tuesday, consisting of soap writing instruments, rubber aquatic birds and other assorted floating playthings.  The stage was now set for the native to enter the bath, although the water had not completely been drawn.  I say stage, because that is often what the Bathing Ritual consists of: a loud, boisterous production where I get almost as wet as the native I intend to bathe.

I then went to remove Tuesday’s clothing, down to her disposable undergarment to make the process easier by leaving just the disposable undergarment to be thrown away upon its removal.  Leaving Tuesday at the gate, I returned to turn off the running water, for the basin was now full.  I returned to the gate to retrieve Tuesday and there she stood, buck naked, having discarded her disposable undergarment herself.  Her excitement is very real; make no mistake about it.  Apparently on that particular evening, I was not moving quite as quickly as she deemed necessary and she alleviated me of that one step in the process.

Bathing is an important part of the native’s bedtime ritual.  It may even perhaps be considered by some the most important part of the bedtime ritual.  However, there is another equally important personal hygiene task that Tuesday is also quite fond of – brushing her teeth.  It is unknown to me at this juncture the reasoning behind her great appreciation for oral hygiene.  Certainly most natives her size and age are, perhaps, unaware of the benefits of good oral hygiene and could most probably care less about the task of brushing their teeth.  Tuesday, on the contrary, brushes her teeth multiple times a day, perhaps more than any human being should.  Nevertheless, it is important to facilitate the importance of good oral hygiene and the tribal leader normally allows her to perform the act of brushing her teeth as often as she likes.

To be true, Tuesday’s “brushing” often consists of vigorous chewing of the bristles of the brush, removing all of the tiny bit of toothpaste that is squeezed onto the brush.  She occasionally actually brushes her teeth, however usually only with supervision and assistance.  Seen below is the tribal leader assisting Tuesday with brushing her teeth one evening.

On top of Tuesday’s affinity for bathing and fondness for oral hygiene, Tuesday has another seemingly bad habit that she performs regularly.  As with most folks, Tuesday gets hangnails which she demonstrates great focus and skill in removing, to a fault.  This is perceived to be a bad habit because of the damage that removing hangnails by picking at them can cause.  Nonetheless, I have, on numerous occasions, forced Tuesday to stop picking at her hangnails until such time as the can be removed properly.

And, there you have it.  Perhaps the only toddler that I am aware of that is fond of personal hygiene.  I am in hopes that this trait continues as she grows and develops, so that she may teach her younger sibling the finer points of bathing, brushing teeth and the proper removal of hangnails.


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