Day 226: More Adventures in Bedtime Enforcement

Putting the natives to bed is always a production here in the tribe and last evening was no exception.  Both natives were well prepared for their slumbers: both Tuesday and Wednesday had been fed their evening sustenance, the Bathing Ritual performed, overnight clothing applied and were supplied with their appropriate beverage.  Indeed, the stage was set for another evening of uninterrupted slumber.  The only question now was when the natives would retire for the evening.

Wednesday had begun exhibiting signs of fatigue early in the evening, which prompted a quick effort to lay her to her slumbers.  Often, prior to her sleep, she will get terribly disagreeable, almost to the point of inconsolability.  Fortunately, the tribal leader and I determined that her affliction was that she was prepared for rest and we quickly got her to her resting chamber and quarters.  Soon, she was at rest and quiet.  One down, one to go.

Tuesday, on the other hand, was apparently not ready for slumber.  Previous to the tribal leader’s return from her occupation, Tuesday had fallen asleep in the tribal living area, as seen below.  She rested there for less than an hour and was her only rest period of the day.  She continued to exhibit signs of fatigue which prompted the tribal leader and I to perform a similar function on Tuesday by facilitating her retreat to her resting quarters.  Tuesday willingly retired to her resting chambers and quarters and the tribal leader bid her a fond good night and closed the door to their resting chambers.  The series of events that followed next occurred over the course of the next two and a half hours.

Shortly after Tuesday had retired to her resting quarters, she emerged from her resting chambers, filled with yet more piss and vinegar.  She toddled about the tribal living area, featuring that evil little two-year old laugh as we implored her return to her resting quarters.  This time, I accompanied her return and ensured that she had all of the necessary accoutrements for the overnight duration.  I admonished her to stay in her resting quarters as the time was getting late and that she was, indeed, quite tired.  I departed, closing the door to their resting chambers, hoping that she would remain there for the remainder of the evening.  Once again, I was wrong.

No sooner had I gotten back to my seat in the food preparation area that I heard the all to familiar sounds of the door to their resting chambers creak open.  And, once again, Tuesday appeared in much the same manner as before: laughing as though we had created a new game.  Hmmph, a game indeed.  My patience was beginning to be tested and I admonished her return once more.   Prior to her return, however, I ensured that her disposable undergarment did not need changing, which it did.  I changed the undergarment and accompanied her once more to her resting quarters.  This time, I admonished her more sternly to not arise again before morning.  If had been able to acquire some straps to restrain the native to her resting quarters, I would have.  Unfortunately, my efforts to get the young native to sleep were in vain.

Because my patience was wearing thin, I asked the tribal leader to deal with the mischievous native when she arose again.  Sure enough, she emerged again and continued her act of civil disobedience.  We provided the native with more sustenance, which at this point, she should be rolling her way to bed, however to no avail.  Many more attempts to put Tuesday to bed were made until the tribal leader determined that by perhaps ignoring the native, she might retreat to her resting quarters on her own volition.  Again, to no avail.

Soon, however, sleep would soon get the best of Tuesday and she would eventually fall fast asleep on the tribal living area floor.  Once asleep, I scooped up the native and took her, with her security blankets and other assorted objects she had strewn across the floor, back to her resting quarters and laid her to bed.  The time was now after the eleven o’clock hour.  At that point, I proceeded to end my labors for the day and retreat to my resting quarters as well, knowing that tomorrow would come early and present new challenges.


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