Day 227: Superstitions

I do not consider myself to be a superstitious man, that is, that I do not subscribe to any of the silly rules governing superstitions, particularly in this tribal culture.  There are superstitions regarding opening a rain diversion device in the tribal abode, walking under a tall height achievement apparatus and breaking a glass mirror, which I am told will bring seven years of bad luck.  There is even superstitions regarding black felines crossing your path.  Ironically, the tribe owns a small black feline.

Today is the thirteenth day of the month, of the sixth day of the week, equating quite simply to be Friday, the 13th.  This day in particular, in this culture, is one such superstition.  According to the superstition of the culture, it is said that “bad” or unfortunate events will happen to everyone on this day.  As I said previously, I usually do not subscribe to superstitious mumbo jumbo such as this, however, I have been caused to reflect on this and, perhaps, reconsider my beliefs.

The first event which caused me to reflect on my superstition beliefs occurred last evening, around the seven o’clock hour.  Tuesday and Wednesday were up and had not consumed their evening sustenance, the tribal leader had returned from her daytime occupation and I had just completed clearing the tribe’s yard of the frozen precipitation that had fallen earlier in the day.  Wednesday was growing restless, a typical behavior for the young native at the stage of the evening.  I suggested that the young native might be hungry and went to supply the now disagreeable native with sustenance.  After consuming one container of sustenance, and preparing to complete a pre-opened container that was half full.  I then left the tribal leader to complete the meal with the much better dispositioned native and began to prepare sustenance for the remainder of the tribe.  This was when things went south.  Deep south.

Whilst preparing the evening’s meal, I turned to speak to the tribal leader when, from out of nowhere, Wednesday purged all of what she had eaten in four projectile blasts.  Fortunately, the tray that is attached to her adjustable seating apparatus caught most of what was expelled.  It appeared that a fair amount of mucus was the content of what was discharged as well as the sustenance she consumed earlier.  Wednesday was now distraught with what had just occurred.  After some scrambling to clean up the mess, the tribal leader clothed her in a new outfit and we continued preparing the evening’s meal.  That was the first event that appeared rather unfortunate.  And, mind you, this was five hours prior to Friday the 13th.

The next events, or series of events that prompted consideration of the Friday the 13th superstition involved Tuesday and the bedtime fiasco.  The preparations for Tuesday’s bedtime commenced later due to a late-in-the-day rest period.  However, similar behavior ensued whereby the rebellious native refused to stay in her resting quarters.  The tribal leader closed the confinement gate which kept the disagreeable native closer to her resting quarters and away from her playthings.  Unfortunately, because this gate is positioned such that Tuesday had access to the indoor latrine, she discovered the wonder of releasing the liquid hand cleaner from its dispenser.  Before too much could be discharged, the tribal leader thwarted Tuesday’s efforts and once again, implored her return to her resting quarters.  After two hours, the native had finally given in and gone off to her slumbers.

So far, today has been uneventful and I have not experienced any unfortunate events with the natives.  I am cautious, however, because good fortune can turn into disaster at a drop of a hat.  Now where was that black cat…

To be continued…


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