Day 229: It’s Ten O’Clock – Do You Know Why Your Native Isn’t Sleeping?

It is now ten o’clock, two hours prior to twilight and still, one of the natives of the tribe is awake and moreover, apparently has not intention of slumbering this evening.  Night time is a precarious time indeed and causes the tribal leader and I to walk the fine line between peaceful slumbering natives and a nightmarish hell that leads to no where but insanity.  You see, natives, particularly the ones of this tribe, often experience moments of involuntary nocturnal activity, or at least, methinks they are involuntary moments.  These “moments” may occur in early, mid or late evening, or even, the early morning hours, such as one, two or three.  The cause of these moments is often unknown and perhaps, irrelevant.  Once said native is awake and upright, all hope of further slumber is lost.

Last evening, or shall I say, early this morning, I was awakened by the sounds of Tuesday departing her resting chambers and making her escape to the tribal living area.  I, thinking quick on my feet and acting the same, intercepted Tuesday in the tribal living area and began to inquire as to the intentions of her nocturnal activity.  At first, she appeared disagreeable and refused my attention.  I lighted a lamp to enable myself to see more clearly and determined that Tuesday  was still fatigued.  Using the trial and error method, I quickly cycled through all of the possible afflictions Tuesday could be suffering from that would cause her to awaken at two in the morning.  I determined that she required a beverage of some kind and quickly sprang for it in the mechanical cooling apparatus.  She accepted the beverage and proceeded to return to her resting quarters.  I covered up the young native and departed the resting chambers.  This was the first attempt at returning Tuesday to her slumbers.

Soon, however, Tuesday was back up and in the tribal living area again.  She climbed up onto the reclining tribal furniture and proceeded to lay as though preparing to sleep.  Noting this, I quickly scooped up the young native and returned her to her resting quarters, confident that this would be the last effort to get the native to sleep.  And, once again, I was wrong. So very wrong.

Tuesday returned again, featuring similar behavior.  This time I investigated the status of her disposable undergarment and determined that it needed changing.  After changing and discarding the soiled undergarment, I invited the native to lay with me on the reclining tribal furniture.  She was amenable to this and this is where she remained for an extended period of time.

I must admit that having a native lay and slumber with you on a piece of tribal living area furniture is perhaps not the most comfortable arrangement in the world.  Moreover, it was quite uncomfortable, however, Tuesday appeared to find it quite comfortable and remained next to me for close to two hours.  I assume at some point, the young native drifted off to her slumbers for she never moved during the time she used me as a cushion.  I, on the contrary, did not sleep nor slumber.  At the conclusion of two hours, I determined that I would endeavor one last time to leave Tuesday in her resting quarters.  To my great fortune, the last time was successful and I returned to my slumbers until daylight was upon the tribe.

As I compose this post, Wednesday is still quite awake and apparently has no intentions of slumbering tonight.  The native has consumed a fair amount of sustenance, a bottle of liquid sustenance, some small puffed-rice morsels and proceeding to attempt to acquire everything in her wheelhouse.  Her squeals of enjoyment and loud boisterous excitement are the best proof of her unwillingness to sleep.  I am in hopes that she will eventually succumb to the sleep that is inevitable, however, I fear that eventually may be further into the evening than either the tribal leader or I would like.

So, it’s ten o’clock (actually now it’s fifteen minutes until the eleven o’clock hour) – do you know why your native isn’t sleeping?


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