Day 239: Tuesday Demonstrates Her Skill With Reciting Her Runes

Tuesday  has, over the past several months, demonstrated great skill and has rapidly developed her knowledge with many things involving this tribal culture.  Her speech continues to improve and with it the recitation of tribal runes.  There are twenty-six characters in all in this tribal rune system and Tuesday has made herself thoroughly familiar with each of them.  She has had numerous opportunities to reinforce the adoption of this alphabet and she has apparently seized each one.  There is nothing, perhaps, unusual about a native learning their own tribal rune system even at this young age.  However, what is notable and perhaps terrifying is that Tuesday has already learned that certain letters begin certain words.  It appears Tuesday’s intelligence is increasing exponentially ,and perhaps with it, her cunning and resourcefulness as well.

Recently, Tuesday has begun reciting her tribal runes like some incantation conjuring up evil spirits, demons or minions to do her bidding.  Ordinarily, these incantations are accompanied by a tune which, apparently, most older natives know.  While her recitation of her tribal runes is not successive, meaning, that she does not recite her tribal runes in the order that they appear in the rune set, her effort in rendering this tribal alphabet is most impressive.  As of this moment, Tuesday has not conjured any demons or evil minions through her incantation, perhaps due to the omission of the correct order of the runes.  As I recall, incantations are like recipes; in order for them to work, they need to be recited in the proper order.  But, I digress.

Perhaps one of the most impressive and again terrifying skills that Tuesday possesses is that she can identify these letters right side up and upside down.  Case in point: last evening whilst waiting for the evening feast to be prepared, Tuesday sat at the communal eating surface arranging and examining small wooden blocks that had letters painted and carved into them.  These blocks had multiple letters and pictures on them and made for great entertainment.  However, Tuesday was not only examining the blocks, but arranging them by color. In a line.  Announcing each letter as the block was placed in its respective colored line.  It appears that Tuesday is just a tad obsessive-compulsive when it comes to objects and the need for them to be in some sort of logical order.  Yes, indeed, quite terrifying.  I will remind anyone reading this entry that this young native is just over the age of two.

This was not the first time that Tuesday has aligned her blocks on a surface.  The picture below is one such attempt at aligning the blocks in a single row.  Only  a couple extraneous blocks at the end on the right were removed to display what some might determine as profane.  I wish to note that none of these blocks were aligned by the tribal leader and myself and the only change made to the alignment was the blocks previously mentioned as removed.

As you can see, Tuesday’s skills with alignment are quite adept.  If this persists, it may prove to be problematic.

Wednesday, on the other hand, is not demonstrating such fine motor skills as this.  Rather, she subscribes to the flail and scatter method of interacting with objects.

You see, when Wednesday is, let’s say, in her adjustable seating apparatus, and there is oh, let’s say, food, eating utensils, liquid sustenance containers, etc. that she does not want on the eating surface of the adjustable seating apparatus, she tends to flail her arms about in a sweeping motion to 1. knock down any standing items on the surface and 2. remove the items from the surface, sending them crashing to the floor of the food preparation area.  This behavior is, of course, unacceptable and the young native is reprimanded for it.  And, as with her older sibling, the reprimand is duly noted and disregarded a short time later.

Soon, I surmise, Wednesday will begin showing the same fine motor skills that her elder sibling already displays.  And, as anxious as I am for this to occur, I will greet this time with mixed emotions because it will mean that both natives will have the dexterity and understanding to overthrow the tribal leader’s regime.  And when that happens, we’re all doomed.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Lois on January 26, 2012 at 3:10 pm

    methinks Tuesday has been listening to her auntie too much … wtf indeed!


    • Perhaps…though I think it was merely a coincidence..or at least that’s what I’m hoping. I tend to drop the f-bomb on occasion when she’s in earshot…


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