Day 244: Wednesday Enjoys (Thoroughly) Her First Oreo Cookie

There comes a point, in this tribal culture, when every young native must experience a certain rite of passage involving the consumption of a particular baked good.  This baked good, known to many as an Oreo cookie, is a sandwich style cookie consisting of two chocolate wafers with a cream filling between them.  Now, Oreo cookies come in quite a variety and range from different flavors of cream to the amount of cream found between the two wafers.  Most natives experience their first “Oreo cookie” within their first year of life at varying stages of development.  Wednesday to this point, had not experienced the joy of consuming, or attempting to consume an Oreo cookie.  This all changed last evening at the tribal abode.  Make no mistake:  this experience is designed both to be extremely sloppy and chaotic and is ordinarily documented with images and sometimes with video.  The episode I shall now describe is the record of this experience.

Tuesday experienced her first Oreo, which was properly documented by the way, at five months of age, which yielded similar results.  The episode occurred in the food preparation area of the tribal abode, a fitting place for such an event, given the proximity to cleaning supplies as are required for proper clean-up of the native following the Oreo cookie’s demise.  Upon first presenting the cookie to Wednesday, she examined it thoroughly, perhaps looking for a way in to the creamy center, or perhaps investigating to determine if there was any trickery involved with this seemingly delicious treat.  Not finding any reason to cease the consumption of the tasty treat, Wednesday began her attack.  Slobbering over the cookie to soften it for biting into, she began gnawing on the chocolate wafer.  The slobber and drool, common with Wednesday’s usual activity, began to soften and break down the cookie, leaving a chocolate residue on her now covered hands.  Featuring little control over the cookie and not understanding her hands were covered, her hands went to her face and soon her face was covered with the chocolate residue as well.

Next, she began to break the, now almost soggy, cookie apart and attempted to consume pieces of the treat in that manner.  Since Wednesday has only two teeth and the teeth she does have are located on her lower jaw in the front, it became very difficult for Wednesday to break apart the cookie without assistance.  The cookie being as soft as it was, at that moment, however, she was quite able to consume the pieces as they broke off from the remaining mangled mass of chocolate in cream.

The following image displays Wednesday as she appeared following the cookie consumption episode.  As can clearly be seen, not only did Wednesday require extensive clean-up but her immediate proximity as well.  It appears that the chocolate residue mixed with additional slobber and drool also makes a rather splendid paint for the eating surface of her adjustable seating apparatus.  After properly documenting the scene, Wednesday and sharing the images on social networks, she was cleaned up and prepared for slumbers.

In addition to Wednesday consuming, or attempting to consume, an Oreo cookie, Tuesday consumed one as well, not to be outdone by her younger sibling.  Tuesday, on the other hand,  exhibited much more skill in consuming her cookie, however, consuming only one half of the treat, removing the cream filling and wafer from the other half.  One can conclude that both natives apparently enjoy Oreo cookies.  One can also conclude that is a requirement during an Oreo cookie consumption session that disposable wipes are handy to facilitate the necessary clean-up that follows the cookie consumption episode.


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