Day 245: A Foul Smell Invades the Tribe; Normal Tribal Activity Resumes

I awoke this very fine morning to frozen precipitation covering the structures and objects outside the tribal abode and to a rather foul odor permeating the walls of the tribal abode.  This foul smell is quite distasteful and downright offensive and appeared strongest in the tribal leader’s and my resting quarters, much to my chagrin.  After investigating several objects to ensure that everything was indeed in order, I determined that there was, perhaps, an issue with the sewer waste system because the foul odor was most definitely, raw sewage.

As I recall, this sewage odor has only been present once before during the steamy months of summer and was more than a year prior to the current situation.  Noting this all-to-familiar odor, the tribal leader contacted the community land owners so that the issue could be rectified.  As of yet, I have not seen nor heard anything from the community land owners with regard to repairing the issue.  I am in hopes that the problem is solved soon; the odor is beginning to force feelings of nausea on me, though it is having little effect on the natives, which is good.

The natives appear to be accepting this vile odor in stride; normal activity has resumed since they have awoken from their slumbers.  Wednesday ate with a ferocity, improving her rather cranky and disagreeable disposition.  I soon expect that she shall be cutting new teeth, which is perhaps the cause of her disagreeable nature.  Tuesday continues her usual behavior, renovating the tribal living area and other rambunctious ramblings.  Today is the third day of the calendar week, which equates to Tuesday.  Terrible Tuesday.  So far, the natives do not appear to be rebelling against the administration.  Perhaps they won’t exhibit typical Terrible Tuesday behavior.  Only time will tell…


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