Day 246: Another Nearly Sleepless Night with The Tribe

For the past several weeks, the natives have been prone to waking during the twilight hours, somewhere between the hours of twelve and six a.m.  The cause for their unexpected awakening is usually unknown and usually is resolved in short order.  However, on some occasions, like the one last night, the natives exhibit restless behavior throughout their slumbering hours, causing myself and/or the tribal leader to be awakened also.  This then becomes the gift that continues to give and give and give, all night long.  As I sit, recording the events of the past evening, less than eight hours ago, I search for some implement to force my eyelids to remain open.  Not even the magical elixir of coffee is enough on its own to keep mine eyes open and be alert and focused.  But, I digress.  The following is a record of the events of last evening.

All appeared normal when laying the natives to their slumbers, which occurred at approximately eight-thirty in the evening.  The natives retired rather quickly and without much resistance.  Fitting because Tuesday had not rest period during the daylight hours and Wednesday had been awake for several hours prior.  It was assumed that because of the ease of this endeavor, that they would remain asleep for the remainder of the evening.  How wrong we were.

The tribal leader and I retired to our resting quarters well before twilight and were perhaps asleep shortly after the twilight hour.  All appeared to be quiet in the tribal abode: the wildlife had been fed prior to retiring to our resting quarters, the natives were off to their slumbers and the sound of lullabies filled the tribal abode.  Indeed, all was peaceful.

Around quarter after the one o’clock hour, Tuesday awoke distraught and disagreeable and at the door of our resting chambers.  I quickly arose, not wanting the native to carry on and wake the other.  The tribal leader arose also and quickly sought to soothe Tuesday’s needs.  Soon, she was calm and ready to return to her slumbers.  Tuesday climbed into her resting quarters and I covered the native with her blankets and bid her good night.  Now, about this same time, Wednesday began emitting noises signifying that she was indeed waking up also.  Noting this, and figuring that my presence in their resting chambers was causing her to awaken, I quickly departed and shut the door.  The time was approximately one-thirty a.m.

Much to my chagrin, Wednesday awoke around two hours past twilight, not in a disagreeable manner, but in a manner suggesting that sleep at this moment was impossible.  I quickly retrieved the now loud native, attempting to avoid waking Tuesday, who had just fallen back to her slumbers.  I brought Wednesday out, changed her disposable undergarment and provided her with some liquid sustenance, assuming that at least one of these was the cause of her excitement and awakened state.  Soon, I determined that neither of these was the cause of Wednesday’s arousal.  I next opted to soothe the native’s teething affliction which has been plaguing her for several months now.  Dosing out the necessary amount of liquid analgesic, I administered the medicine to Wednesday, sure that the native would soon return to her slumbers.  Once again, I was wrong.

Wednesday became more animated and vocal, exclaiming and wildly gesticulating about, as if attempting to wake her elder sibling.  Methinks the tribe in the abode adjacent to this one probably heard her carryings on, however, no evidence was gained supporting this.  This behavior continued for several minutes longer when, at last, she began to exhibit signs of fatigue.  Noting this, and feeling my own effects of fatigue, I scooped up the young native and returned her to her resting quarters.  The time was now two-thirty a.m.

Wednesday did not immediately curl up and fall asleep upon laying her in her resting quarters.  Damn, I thought as I departed their resting chamber and quickly returned to our resting chamber, which I knew all to well was temporary.  Sure enough, Wednesday remained quiet and content for only a few moments and then began carrying on again, this time with sounds of distress and lamentations.  Once again, I arose, and once again, I retrieved the young native.  I consider myself to be a patient man, most of the time.  This, however, was beginning to try even the bounds of my patience.  I placed the native in the circular exercise apparatus and turned on the electronic media box and began a program designed for assisting natives in calming and falling asleep.

Whilst Wednesday was engrossed in the program, I recalled a short piece of literature composed for events of an evening such as this.  This book, entitled, “Go the F**k to Sleep” is a masterpiece.  It is a must-have for any tribe with young natives and a good read for all.  The other thought I had in this moment was to pour myself an adult beverage.  At least one of us was going to sleep, I thought to myself.  However, these thoughts were short-lived because Wednesday began lamenting and exhibiting disagreeable behavior with regard to her present situation.  I admonished her to remain quiet and watch the program, in an effort to keep Tuesday asleep.  However, in this time, Tuesday did cry out, but did not rise.  Another bullet dodged.

And, again, Wednesday began exhibiting signs of fatigue and again, I returned her to her resting quarters.  The time was now quarter of four in the morning.  Upon getting back to my resting quarters, I heard the sound of Wednesday crying out and lamenting yet again.  This time, I implored the efforts of the tribal leader to assist in getting the native to sleep for my patience had depleted and I needed sleep.

Apparently, the tribal leader was able to get the young native to sleep before the five o’clock hour and returned to her slumbers as well.  Wednesday did not rise until after the nine o’clock a.m. hour while her sister was very  much awake and at the door of our resting chambers before the eight o’clock hour.  A much longer-than-necessary story short, I received much less sleep than I anticipated and am paying the price for it today.  Apparently Terrible Tuesday has morphed into Wicked Wednesday.


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