Day 252: Tuesday Demonstrates New Tribal Fashions and the Power of Chaos Compels Her

It has been nearly a week since last recording the observations of the natives, perhaps due to their dizzying and chaotic activity over the past several days.  Tuesday, specifically, has been, quite literally, climbing the walls and other surfaces and objects.  Wednesday continues to exhibit discomfort and disagreeable outbursts of emotion.  Yes, indeed, it has been quite a week since I last recorded an observation regarding the natives.  However, today is a new day and the commencement of a new week in the tribal abode which has afforded me yet another opportunity for observation and the natives certainly did not disappoint.

The events of Sunday evening were few, that is, until the twilight and early morning hours.  Tuesday had retired to her slumbers early, perhaps due to the fatigue she suffered from previous days of headstrong activity.  Her slumber lasted quite long, however, we, the tribal leader and myself, surmised that it would not be continuous over the early morning hours until dawn.  Wednesday retired at the usual hour for her, during the eight to nine o’clock p.m. hour.  All appeared quiet before twilight and the tribal leader and myself retired to our resting quarters and attempted to rest.  This, however, was short-lived.

At approximately one hour and fifteen minutes past twilight, I heard the pitter-patter, or rather thundering footsteps, of Tuesday as she threw the door to our resting chambers wide open both with force and velocity.  The native appeared to be disagreeable, slightly, and upon rising, she immediately retreated to the tribal living area.  We quickly address the cause of her unexpected awakening and cycled through the usual remedies to ensure her return to her slumbers.  However, this trick was far from quick and upon the successful retirement of the tired native, her younger sibling awoke, in a rather disagreeable manner.

We quickly removed the now distraught native from her resting quarters and began cycling through remedies for her.  And, once again, this was not a quick process. Wednesday was suffering from a fair amount of insomnia coupled with some teething pain.  The tribal leader resolved to remain awake with the disagreeable native until she was able to return to her slumbers.  Wednesday finally returned to her resting quarters just before the five o’clock hour.

The following morning, the natives arose late, as was expected.  Normal behavior resumed, the consumption of breakfast, active play about the tribal living area and a morning rest period for Wednesday.  Tuesday was in the tribal living area, going about her usual activities, however all was quiet – too quiet. Since I did not have a visual of Tuesday, I crept into the tribal living area to inspect her activities and that’s when I found Tuesday amidst a sea of scattered objects and playthings.  She had removed her cloth foot coverings and, as seen in the image below, was applying them to her hands as mittens or hand coverings.  Perhaps she was pretending to remove something warm from her play food preparation area.  Or, perhaps she was merely attempting to warm her hands, though the tribal abode was quite temperate.  Being that only one hand was covered, perhaps, just maybe, she was emulating a famous tribal pop music icon.  Whatever the case was at that particular moment, upon noticing my presence, she quickly discarded the foot covering and went about her business and on to something new and different.

I wish to note at this point in time, that there appears to be some comfort for Tuesday in her chaos.  The manner which she employs to strew objects and scatter playthings about the tribal living area is quite tumultuous and downright rampageous.  It is quite dangerous to be within her wheelhouse whilst this chaotic behavior is being exhibited due to the fact that objects tend to take flight and, as with the door to our resting chamber, achieve maximum force and velocity.  I am morbidly curious as to what causes Tuesday to exhibit such behavior;  perhaps one could say that she is compelled to such behavior by the power of chaos.  She does not respond to verbal communication whilst in this chaotic trance and often, the damage she inflicts has already been perpetrated.  After the violent whirlwind of toys and objects has passed, Tuesday returns to her normal state of native behavior, admiring her work as an artist admires his masterpiece.  She appears quite content to be among the disaster area she has created and has even fallen fast asleep among the objects she has just dispersed.  Truly, this is an occurrence to experience as well as a sight to behold, as is shown below.

I shall continue to monitor the native’s activity as well as commence cleanup of the destruction, hopefully with Tuesday’s assistance.


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