Day 253: Tennessee Tuesday & the Blue Chair of Mischief

The Blue Chair of Mischief – sought after by many, despised by some but legendary to all.  As legend has it, this mythical treasure enables its owner to reach new levels of mischief, new heights in shenanigans and the uncanny ability to facilitate monkey business.  Yes, many have sought to acquire this legend of legends, this Blue Chair of Mischief, but none have succeeded – save for Tuesday.  Tennessee Tuesday.

Tennessee Tuesday, a small but persistent native explorer, adventurer and expert in all things mischievous, is perhaps the only native with the skill and determination to acquire this rare treasure.  Her mission is not simple: she must navigate the sea of scattered objects that have littered her path (caused by her own chaotic rampage), avoid Wednesday the Great and Terrible, a monstrous obstacle that may spell certain doom for our ambitious native, gently (or forcefully, whichever works best) extricate the relic from the recesses of its resting place and escape with the treasure before other natives catch her in the act and thwart her efforts to retrieve this treasured object.  Yes, the journey will not be simple, but nothing deters Tennessee Tuesday from her intentions, except maybe a cupcake, fruit snacks or a soiled disposable undergarment.

And so, our determined adventurer being ready for the challenge of retrieving the Blue Chair of Mischief, begins her quest.  She narrowly navigates her way through the sea of scattered objects which appear to trip up her every step.  Such skill!  To be true, she did disperse the objects throughout the tribal living area and it only seems right that she would need to navigate through the debris.  After making her way through the field of dangerous objects, our determined, young native adventurer next arrives at the resting place of the treasure she seeks – however, the task will not be simple.  Adjacent to the resting place of the Blue Chair of Mischief is perhaps the most dreaded of all obstacles: Wednesday, the Great and Terrible.  Wednesday the Great and Terrible is a small native, smaller than Tennessee Tuesday, that often has the disposition of an ogre and enough drool to deter even the most courageous of adventurers – AND she is the younger sibling to our native adventurer to boot.  Truly, a difficult task ahead.

Tennessee Tuesday, unafraid of Wednesday the Great and Terrible, continued with her task at hand.  Using her powers of distraction, she diverted Wednesday’s attention to objects on the circular exercise apparatus.  Swiftly sliding by the occupied Wednesday, Tuesday arrived at her destination – the Blue Chair of Mischief.  It was just as she imagined it – solid, blue plastic, perfect for climbing sitting, throwing and much more. She grabbed the chair firmly and attempted to make her escape.  Suddenly, Wednesday the Great and Terrible turned her focus to our startled adventurer letting out a loud outburst of incoherent babbling.  Tennessee Tuesday moved swiftly, chair in hand and continued, not looking back at the now distraught Wednesday.  A narrow escape!  How exciting!  Now to navigate the sea of dangerous objects.  Tennessee Tuesday attempted to run through the strewn objects, but much to her chagrin, she could not and fell with her treasured relic.  Realizing the nature of her situation, and the possibility of losing her newly acquired treasure, she got up, grabbed the chair and continued her way through the field of playthings to the other side, unscathed.  Now she was free!  Free to roam with her new-found treasure!

She began to carry the blue seat into the food preparation area where I was awaiting her arrival.  At first she gave me a glance of mischievousness and continued with her intentions.  However, I was wise to her actions.  She was attempting to retrieve objects on the communal eating surface, conveniently placed out of her reach. She began her ascent to the communal eating surface when I stopped her in her tracks.  Knowing her efforts had been thwarted, she recanted and retreated to the tribal living area to begin planning her next adventure, leaving the Blue Chair of Mischief behind.

Methinks that while this was not the first attempt at utilizing the Blue Chair of Mischief for illegal activities, it will most likely not be the last.  And, most certainly, we have not seen the last of Tennessee Tuesday.


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