Day 258: I Succumb To The Sickness That Has Plagued The Tribe

Up until this point, I have managed to avoid the sickness and disease which has plagued the tribe, however, it appears that my time has indeed come.  Tuesday appears to be the healthiest of all the members of the tribe, thus avoiding any sickness that would otherwise place her out of commission.  Wednesday has contracted her fifth ear infection in four months, a feat that we were less than pleased that she had achieved.  The tribal leader appears to have overcome most of the sickness that had consumed her and appears to be on the mend.  ‘Tis true – the sickness that has plagued the tribe is quite unwelcome and needs to be exterminated.

My one desire at this juncture is merely to be able to breathe; a simple enough request.  I began exhibiting symptoms of illness three days ago when determining Wednesday had yet another ear infection.  The Medicine Man performed some simple tests and examinations on the young native and diagnosed her with an ear infection in both ears and prescribed an antidote from the local apothecary, which I retrieved.  That same evening, I felt the peculiar effects of a fever coming on, so I retired to my resting chambers.  I awoke the following morning with rhinorrhea and immediately sought some remedy for the condition.  I have been fighting these symptoms ever since.  My ability to breathe is greatly hindered by the amount of mucus that fills my head coupled with the swelling in my nasal cavity.  Surely this too shall pass.  The only question is, when?

Tuesday continues to exhibit normal behavior.  Today, she has refrained from listening to various requests and is purposefully engaging in activities that are otherwise prohibited by the management of the tribe.  She is also modeling some new tribal fashions as can be seen in the images below.  The headdress she wears appears to imitate the features of a nocturnal predatory avian which is perhaps a symbol of dominance or rebellion within the tribe.  The cloak she drapes around herself is perhaps symbolic of her rank within the tribe, perhaps denoting her as the “head” or “lead” native.  Peculiar still, upon documenting the demonstration, Tuesday quickly discarded her adornments, as if the demonstration was not to be recorded or duplicated.  However, much to her chagrin, I made the necessary documentation and I am recording her activity here.

Wednesday appears to still exhibit discomfort to her recent ear affliction.  While her temperament and disposition appear normal at this point, it has potential for becoming very, very ugly.  For now, Wednesday is entertaining herself in the circular exercise apparatus.  She has shown great improvement in her ability to sit upright under her own power and play on the floor of the tribal living area.  Her dexterity continues to improve as she manipulates objects with her hands.  Indeed, Wednesday’s development is progressing nicely.  Soon, I surmise, she will join Tuesday’s ranks and begin to toddle about the tribal abode. But, for now, she remains, for the most part, immobile.

I will continue to nurture my illness in the hopes that I will soon rejoin the ranks of the healthy.  I hope to be able to breathe again soon, for I like to breathe and I like to consume sustenance and my inability to do both simultaneously is causing me great distress.


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