Day 294: A Return to Recording Observations and the Great Crayon Caper

It has been well over a month since I last recorded any observations about the tribe.  The time that has elapsed in the past thirty-eight days has not been without multiple opportunities to record the interesting and perhaps outrageous activity of the tribe.  Lest you think that all has been quiet during my radio silence, I will assure you to the contrary that the tribe has been active and I have witnessed every moment of it.

What has transpired with the tribe in the past several weeks?  I’m elated that you inquired.  The weather in the region that the tribe is located in has been abnormally temperate; there have been multiple opportunities to accompany Tuesday in the out-of-doors as she runs and plays, this way and that, on and about the outdoor exercise structure.  Tuesday has honed her already excellent climbing skills as well as maintaining a high energy level.  Her speech is beginning to become much clearer and words are being distinguished from the babble and squawking that comes forth from her mouth.  She has become quite proficient in reciting her runes and is clearly proud of the accomplishment.  Amongst all the developments that have occurred since last I recorded an entry, perhaps the most interesting of which is her interaction with Wednesday.

Tuesday’s interaction with Wednesday prior to this entry was forced to say the least.  When last I composed an entry, Tuesday would cry bloody murder if her younger sibling so much as touched her.  Now, the interaction is much more natural, still a bit stand-offish but natural.  Perhaps the most amusing interaction between the two natives is their high-pitched communication.  It usually begins with Wednesday, upon sighting her elder sibling, emitting a high-pitched, blood-curdling screech.  This screech is, perhaps indicative of something, however I have yet to determine what it means.  Tuesday, at that moment, often responds in kind with a likewise and equally blood curdling scream.  This interaction will continue for several moments until windows are near break point and the wildlife has retreated for cover to escape the high-pitched nonsense that has ensued.  Yes, indeed, this is quite an experience to behold.

Wednesday has developed quite nicely over the past thirty-eight days.  Her size, weight and height, are comparable to her elder sibling, being separated by a mere few pounds and inches.  They have been able to wear the same clothing for some time now and may often find Tuesday wearing an outfit one day and her younger sister the next.  Her hair is growing longer and she has developed more teeth, a precarious feature indeed when attempting to insert into her mouth medication and relief for her teething affliction.  For a couple of weeks now, Wednesday has been consuming normal sustenance; that is, she refuses to consume prepackaged and jarred sustenance and prefers the sustenance that the rest of the tribe consumes.  She also consumes normal dairy products as opposed to the powdered mixture that we were forced to prepare before.  Yes, indeed, the conversion is all but complete.  Wednesday still cannot consume everything the rest of the tribe does, for she still requires more teeth for that.  However, what Wednesday lacks in teeth, she makes up for in drool.

Which leads me to the Great Crayon Caper.

As I have noted before, Tuesday has become quite the artist and her preferred medium is crayon.  She has demonstrated her proficiency with crayons on paper, on her easel, on my electronic computing device and its peripherals, tribal furniture – the list goes on and on.  For a time, due to Tuesday’s misuse and carelessness of her art supplies, the crayons were indisposed until just recently.  Tuesday took great pride in getting her art supplies back and went right to her art making.  Part of her use of her art supplies involves placing the crayons in the tin that they are kept in and moving them to the tray on the easel.  Back and forth and back and forth. Perhaps she will one day be an engineer of some kind.  But, I digress.

The point of this story is the proper procedure for keeping crayons off the floor and away from young natives who roll, slither and otherwise launch themselves this way and that, attempting to consume that which isn’t nailed down and will partially, if not wholly, fit in their mouth.  As one may have surmised from the previous statement, Wednesday obtained one of Tuesday’s crayons and proceeded to consume the media.

I wish to note that, on several occasions, I did remind Tuesday to not leave her crayons on the floor of the tribal living area.  Multiple times.  So many times, in fact, that I became somewhat enraged when I discovered Wednesday happily chewing on a rather large brown crayon.  Alas, what can one do with natives so small and young?

Upon discovering Wednesday, crayon in hand, a brown drooly mixture around her mouth as though attempting to apply warpaint, I whisked the young native up off the floor, disarmed her of the offending brown colored instrument and began my examination of the victim/culprit.  As I stated, Wednesday’s mouth was surrounded by a brown crayon and drool mixture which cleaned up easily.  Once again obtaining the offending instrument, I determined that a substantial size chunk of crayon was missing from the non-writing end of the media.  Making no haste, I began sweeping Wednesday’s mouth, which was brown with a similar brown drool substance.  The first sweep yielded a small chunk of crayon, too small to be all of the consumed coloring implement.  Upon the first sweep, Wednesday was swept into a rage, crying bloody murder and she attempted to thwart my attempts at another sweep.  Her attempts at thwarting my attempts were sadly in vain.

Once again I swept her mouth with my index finger, yielding more crayon and more crying.  One last sweep obtained the remaining bits of crayon that had found their way into the now distraught toddler’s mouth.  Whilst this episode was occurring, the tribal leader attempted to communicate with me by telephone, to which I answered abruptly, informed her of the situation and ended the phone call.

After ensuring that Wednesday was indeed ok, I reprimanded, sternly, Tuesday who had witnessed the events unfold.  Needless to say, the crayons, once again, disappeared and perhaps will not return for Tuesday’s use for some time.

As for Wednesday, she appears to be just fine and will survive the ordeal.  Many more instances such as the one have occurred in the past thirty-eight days and as time progresses, I will record them here.


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