Day 303: Tuesday’s Easel Falling Down, Falling Down, Falling Down…

Much has transpired during the past nine days ranging from Wednesday attaining a growth milestone, a falling easel, more adventures in art media, high fevers and the celebration of a tribal holiday.  It has, indeed, been quite a week.  I shall begin by recording the events in chronological order, as best I can recollect.

The week began in the usual manner, the tribal leader departed for her usual occupation around the eight o’clock hour in the forenoon, with the natives rising at the ungodly hour of seven o’clock or earlier, also in the forenoon.  I say, “ungodly” because when retiring to my slumbers at a late hour in the previous evening, morning arrives ridiculously quick and all hope of re-energizing myself to tackle the following day’s activities is lost.  Reluctantly, I arise and attend to the now exuberant Tuesday’s needs as she arrives at our resting chamber door, forcing it open, both with force and velocity.  It is impressive and, at the same time, frightening that Tuesday awakens with such exuberance and energy.  Her demeanor is normally positive, but on occasion, she arrives at the door of our resting chambers somewhat distraught and disagreeable.  Allowing my vision to adjust to the light that beams in the tribal abode windows, I attempt to tackle the day, unaware of the trials that Tuesday and Wednesday are about to put me through.

Breakfast occurs in the usual manner, often requiring extensive cleanup and the obligatory sweep of the food preparation area floor to dispose of the food that Wednesday has adorned it with.  It is a custom of Wednesday’s that when there is an abundance of sustenance on her personal food consumption surface, the food that is not to be consumed, which is determined by the native princess, is immediately scattered with wild sweeping motions or discarded off the side of the eating surface both nonchalantly and with force and velocity.  I wish to note here that this behavior is not condoned by myself nor by the tribal leader.  Nonetheless, Wednesday persists in her rebellious design each time she consumes sustenance.

Following the breakfast meal, the natives retire for some media box entertainment.  Wednesday often retires for a rest period soon after the morning’s meal, however, for the events I shall now describe, she remained in the tribal living area for some added play time.  Tuesday, at this moment, continues to show artistic promise.  She uses wide sweeping strokes with the crayon media in multiple colors.  Each masterpiece she creates is deemed a work in progress and she returns frequently to it to make adjustments and changes.  Wednesday, whilst her elder sibling is embracing her artistic side, moves about the tribal living area,  attempting to consume any plaything she can get her hands on.  I would like to reiterate that she is now able to move, not just by rolling hither and thither, but by an active effort to crawl forward.  This achievement is met with both proudness of her accomplishment and disdain at the idea of her mobility.  However, one cannot prohibit movement and mobility among natives forever and soon, I trust, she will be walking upright.  However, for now, she only crawls on all fours.

I, at this moment, attempt to go about my labors in the food preparation area.  Having cleaned up after the heathen natives’ consumption, I tried to let them play with each other without my direct supervision.  Mistake No. 1.  Soon after my supervising gaze was not upon them, the “No, MINE!” game began.  This usually consisted of Wednesday attempting to play with one of the objects in the tribal living area and Tuesday objecting to her behavior.  Most often, Wednesday was in no way attempting to interact with her elder sibling.  After interjecting a “SHARE!” verbal reprimand of Tuesday, I went back to my labors.  Again, the same exclamation from Tuesday was heard and again I responded with the same interjection.  This continued for roughly ten minutes until I could take no more.  I entered the tribal living area and took the object in question and neither native had the plaything.

This was met with disagreeable behavior and lament.  I was indifferent to their lamentations and reminded them sternly to play together nicely.  I went back to my labors in the food preparation area.  The next events happened much quicker than I shall now describe and caused me great distress at the time.

Suddenly, I heard a CRASH come from the tribal living area in the form of Tuesday’s art making easel crashing to the floor.  As quick as my legs would take me, I dashed to the scene to investigate.  Upon first inspection, Wednesday was nowhere to be seen.  Egads! (Not what I said at that moment, but this blog is PG.)  Tuesday was making her escape from her position where the easel had been. Wednesday was now crying fiercely and my fear was that she was underneath the overturned easel.  I quickly attempted to upright the easel, which is when I noticed Wednesday.  She had migrated across the room where I had left her previously to a position completely out of range of the young native’s easel.  I quickly examined her, noting that she appeared unscathed and was only startled at the episode. Phew.  My relief then turned to anger, as I quickly sought Tuesday to reprimand her for her behavior.

As I have previously stated on multiple occasion, I’m sure the horns I grew and the colors I turned as I reprimanded the young native were a frightening sight to behold.  I’m sure the tone of voice I was using translated my displeasure with Tuesday as she quickly cowered from my reprimand.  I informed her of why I was reprimanding her and why she was about to lose the use of her easel and its artistic media.  She acknowledged my reprimand, however, she went about her business as though nothing had ever occurred. Ugh.

True to my word, the easel did disappear and may not appear again for some time.  I wish to add also at time that Tuesday has been found using the windows of the tribal abode as her art making tapestry.  Wide sweeping circles and strokes can be seen from both sides of the glass – in red crayon.  At the present, Tuesday has lost both her easel and the use of her crayons.

To be continued…


2 responses to this post.

  1. She is exploring the use of different base medias! How creative in what she must percieve as a time of necessity. Intriguing!


  2. Yeah, while I fully advocate the artistic exploration, I really discourage coloring on the windows. And furniture. And my laptop.


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