Day 340: Confirmed Fracture of Foot, The Natives Continue Exhibit Restless Behavior

After the tribal leader’s return to the tribal abode last evening, she determined that we should have the local medicine man examine my foot for any expected breaks.  In our stead, a comrade of the tribal leader’s took custody of the natives whilst on our journey to the medicine man.  She apparently had a much easier time with the natives than I, which at once invoked jealousy.  But, be that what it may, I was relieved that the natives hadn’t driven the tribal leader’s comrade screaming from the tribal abode or that the natives were not tied to a tree in the out-of-doors with arrows being shot at them.  Relieved indeed.

The medicine man confirmed my initial thoughts about the injury: something was indeed broken.  I was somewhat relieved to find that my toes had survived the episode and were intact.  What I was not pleased about was the fracture of the sesamoid bone in the ball of my foot, which must have been the loud SNAP I heard and felt during my stupid incident.  They fitted me with a fashionable boot (not really) and some walking crutches which will most likely not see much use.  They prescribed some medication to eliminate, if not lessen, the pain caused by the fracture, and sent me back to the tribal abode.

I believe the instructions were to “Rest, ice and elevate [his] foot as much as possible to reduce swelling.”  Surely, they had not met, nor were they aware of the natives who waited for me back at the tribal abode.  I have still yet to do any of the above (rest, ice or elevate) due to my daily arrangement with the natives.  Perhaps tonight…

Meanwhile, the natives continue to exhibit restless behavior.  Tuesday, who woke slightly before the eight o’clock hour and arrived in our resting chambers at that time, has been disagreeable for most of the day.  It appears that she deliberately performs activities that she knows to be illegal and prohibited.  On multiple occasions, she has discovered and retrieved the box of stick fruit snacks from its hiding place, only to be denied the treat and demanded to return the box to its rightful place.  On multiple occasions, she has configured herself between the reclining tribal furniture, the wall and the draperies, forcing the tribal leader’s electronic media device to be shifted from its resting place.  And, once again, she was demanded to remove her person from said configuration to a place where knew she belonged.  Yes, Tuesday has been quite the disobedient heathen today.

Wednesday, on the other hand, is of good disposition today.  And, when Wednesday is in said good disposition, she tends to be loud.  Real loud.  Loud enough that I feel the need to keep windows and doors closed for fear that passersby would be concerned and think the native was being beaten.  Yes, that loud.  Her favorite activity involves her signature “flail and scatter” motion – the sweeping and clearing of the table in the tribal living area.  Now, the tables contents at any given time include but are not limited to publications, toys, clothing, disposable wipe boxes, disposable undergarments, drinks and food.  In addition, Wednesday enjoys shredding and ripping paper.  Perhaps there is something soothing about the shredding of a tissue or the ripping apart of a publication, however, I do not understand it.  And, as many times as I can remove her from the situation and set everything aright, she can go, seek and destroy.

Both natives have/are resting now, which is something short of a miracle.  It has given me the needed time to regroup and accomplish something other than re-stacking publications on the tribal living area table, knowing full-well that I will be required to perform that service again when the natives awaken.


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