Day 342: The Infamous Box of Feline Litter Claims Another Victim, A Second Medicine Man Offers a Different Opinion

It has suddenly occurred to me, or rather, been brought to my attention through repeated unfavorable episodes, that the large, forty pound box of feline litter has become a nuisance, if not a health hazard in the tribal abode.

Since Monday, three days prior to today’s episode regarding Tuesday, Wednesday and the infamous obstruction that has caused much strife in the tribal abode of late.  Before I begin the tale of how Wednesday found herself underneath said obstruction, please oblige me to explain the reasoning for the use of such an object in the place that it occupies.  You see, in order to appropriately and properly corral the natives, more particularly Wednesday, in the tribal living area, the obstruction or blockade, as it were, needs to be both heavier than her might or force to push over and move and placed in such a manner as to be effective in keeping the curious native from investigating the rest of the tribal abode, unattended.

This obstruction has been employed for several weeks now, since Wednesday gained her mobility.  On more than one occasion, after not placing the obstruction after removing it for easy passage, Wednesday had escaped the confines of the tribal living area to investigate that which was forbidden from her exploration.  And, on more than one occasion, she had been discovered, meddling with the tribe’s domestic feline’s watering hole as well as munching on some of their dry kibble sustenance.  None of these occasions were particularly harmful in nature, however, precedence needed to be set and the native was removed from said situations and returned to her usual confines.

Today, however, Wednesday fell victim to the very obstruction that confined her.  Tuesday, can hurdle the obstruction with ease.  In fact, on some occasions, she has been found using the obstruction as her own personal soap box or as a stepping stool, to reach places higher than her reach could take her.  Thus, today was one of those occasions.  Tuesday was standing on top of the box as Wednesday was attempting to pass by it.  I am not entirely sure of the order of the following events, so I will summarize what I think happened: Upon hearing my approach to the tribal living area, Tuesday slipped or intentionally tipped over the box onto the passing Wednesday whose foot got caught underneath the now tipped over obstruction.  This prompted disagreeable and distraught behavior from Wednesday, as I quickly sprang to her rescue while Tuesday continued to stand on the box, on her younger sibling’s leg.  I sternly reprimanded Tuesday who, upon noting my anger, quickly departed from the scene, scurrying away as though being caught in an illegal drug trade.  I rescued Wednesday and ensured that her foot was in no further disrepair and returned her to a safe location.  Apparently, the episode frightened her more than it hurt her.  As for Tuesday, she has been reminded for the bizillionth time that she needs to be mindful of her younger sibling and her whereabouts.

Currently, the natives are watching the programs on the electronic media box, without conflict.

As for me, I was referred to a specialized medicine man this morning who determined that my foot was not indeed broken or fractured, but that I had incurred some tendon damage in my foot.  He recommended that I try to treat it carefully, but that I had no restrictions, so long as I do not incur further damage to the affected area.  Regardless, broken, fractured or damaged tendon, it still hurts like a mother-f*?!er.


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