Day 343: Tuesday Practices Safe Computing, I Get Assistance With Laundry Activities

Alas, Friday is finally upon us and the weather proves to be favorable for the day, if not for the foreseeable future.  Last evening, whilst at another event and location, the tribal leader departed from the tribal abode on a shopping excursion of sorts to obtain some necessary provisions.  Whilst on said excursion, the tribal leader happened upon a protective headdress for Tuesday to enable her to safely ride her three-wheeled pedal bike.  Said headdress was pink, with hand-drawn, whimsical pictures of a princess, bird and a frog.  According to the tribal leader, Tuesday immediately fell in love with the headdress and proceeded to wear it throughout the remainder of the trip and the store, tags and all.

This morning, once Tuesday had awoken, she donned the headdress, this time removed of all tags, destructions and literature.  Her fondness for this accessory was quite remarkable as she continued to wear it until the morning sustenance meal.  She removed it only momentarily to consume her morning’s sustenance, only to be donned once again to continue the adventures of her day.  Below, Tuesday is featured, quite exuberantly, with her new tribal headdress.  The blurred nature of the image is yet another testament to Tuesday’s non-stop, full-throttle nature.

After a time, she became quiet and I could only discern the sounds of her electronic media device, a device that assists young natives learn numbers, letters and even other foreign languages, molded in bright colors and graphics.  On a side note, I will be particularly unimpressed if the natives learn a foreign language before they master the language of this tribe.  It seems hardly necessary to confuse natives with different dialects and languages at this young age, but I digress. This particular toy was a point of contention between Tuesday and Wednesday which prompts me to wonder if the device had been wrestled out of Wednesday’s grasp.  The sounds I was hearing appeared to be close by, perhaps just outside of the food preparation area.  Curiosity setting in, I arose from my seat at the communal eating surface and investigated Tuesday’s whereabouts.  That’s when I found her here, as pictured below.

Tuesday was on the floor, sprawled out like a bear skin rug,  headdress on, electronic media device in hand.  I was quite amused at the sight of her, she not noticing my approach or the numerous photos that documented the occasion.  Soon, she did acknowledge my presence, but went quickly back to her serious learning endeavors which included tribal runes, numbers and colors, both in the tribe’s native tongue and in foreign dialects.

This behavior continued for several more minutes until, at last, Tuesday grew tired of both the electronic media device and the headdress.  However, not before the event was properly documented.

Later, I determined that clothes laundering activities needed to be performed for the tribe.  The soiled clothes were beginning to far outnumber those that were not, so I began the sorting and washing process so that the tribe could continue to enjoy clean clothing.  Between switching loads over from the tribe’s indoor mechanical washing apparatus to the indoor mechanical drying apparatus, I folded the clothes that had successfully survived both processes in the tribal living area so that I could continue observing the natives.

This was, apparently, another one of my ill-fated choices.

There must be some magnetic attraction to a laundry basket.  I cannot completely place nor understand the need for natives to climb into said laundry basket, however, it appears to be quite common among young natives.  I placed the basket of CLEAN clothes in oversized seating apparatus in the tribal living area, with the intention to immediately fold the clothing within it.  My day being what  it is and the natives being who they are, I never got to that folding before the entire basket of laundry ended up on the floor and the natives playing peek-a-boo with the basket.  Do not misunderstand my intention of relaying this instance here – the natives were simply being natives and were entertaining each other, an unusual occurrence.  It was the disbursement of clean laundry throughout the tribal living area that provoked my ire.  I quickly robbed the natives of the basket, placed the clothes back in and continued my activities with the laundry.

The remainder of the laundering activities went smoothly until it became time to place the folded laundry in safe places and out of the hands of the natives.  Whilst placing my own clothing and the tribal leader’s clothing in our resting chambers, Wednesday, our disposable wipe ninja, wiped out the neat piles of folded laundry I had worked so diligently to make.  Again, clothing was strewn throughout the tribal living area whilst the natives circled about as if to attack at my next move.  At this point, I did not bother folding the clothes neatly and threw them in a heap in the seating apparatus.

I learned some very important things today.  Tuesday loves tribal headdresses, no matter what their intended use.  She also has an affinity for wearing said protective headdress whilst using her electronic media device, thus practicing safe computing.  Wednesday, on the other hand, appears to not only be a disposable wipe ninja, but a folded laundry ninja as well.



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