Day 345: Tuesday Attempts to Perform a Window Show

Until recently, I have been very impressed and pleased with the progress and development of the natives.  Their motor skills are quite impressive, almost too impressive, and their comprehension and communication, for their ages, is, for all intents and purposes, developing quite nicely.  However, and this is a big however, I must draw the line in the sand regarding Tuesday and her efforts to defy authority using those very skills.  My point being, as well as the topic of this entry is that on evening last, Tuesday was found on the shelf in front of the large bay window in her resting quarters, prancing around as though performing for an audience.

Let’s back up.

I would like to describe in detail Tuesday’s behavior over the past two days.  On Saturday, I was required to be away from the tribe for most of the day, leaving the tribal leader alone with the natives.  Upon returning to the tribe in the late afternoon, I was informed that Tuesday had been a holy terror and had caused great strife and disturbances within the tribe.  Since I had departed before Tuesday arose, I was informed that she arrived in our resting chambers, climbing on top of the tribal leader, demanding, “Momma, BE UP! BE UP!”  Upon hearing these demands, the tribal leader did eventually arise, however somewhat reluctantly. Tuesday began to exhibit numerous tantrums that were the product of simple requests.  For example, when requested to close the safety enclosure that keeps the natives in the tribal living area, a tantrum of mammoth proportions was thrown, all about the tribal abode. Some of the other episodes that were a product of Tuesday’s disagreeable behavior were entering our resting chambers, examining thoroughly a pair of cutting shears, emptying the contents of a drinking container, moving the location of an electric light – and that was just OUR resting chambers.  The natives were quite active, as was shown by the state of the tribal living area.  The tribal leader at that point was, let us say, frazzled to say the least.  Tuesday’s disagreeable behavior continued, however upon an excursion to obtain some necessary provisions for the tribe, it improved greatly.

Fast forward to Sunday.  Tuesday awoke, arose and was at the door to our resting chambers just before sunrise on Sunday morning, at about six o’clock a.m.  Neither myself nor the tribal leader were prepared to be awake, much less up, however, I arose and sat with the young native who was also apparently not ready to be awake.  We sat on the tribe’s reclining tribal furniture and watched the electronic media box until about seven-thirty o’clock, at which time, Tuesday repeated her modus operandi of waking her mother by climbing on top of her demanding, “BE UP!”  I was required once again to leave the tribe for a time to attend a tribal religious ritual after which I return to the tribe.

One of the tribal elders were entrusted with the care of the natives while I was away and the tribal leader was away as well.  Upon returning, I found the natives to be of good humor and disposition, which was a relief.  Their mouths were covered with indigenous berries, in this case, strawberries, as they had consumed them during the midday meal.  The tribal living area was trashed, as per usual, which was no surprise.  The remainder of the afternoon went normally, as I prepared food for the evening meal and cooked it over the outdoor fire pit.  The tribal elder, the tribal leader, myself and the natives all consumed (except for Tuesday) the evening’s sustenance and began the cleanup process of the food preparation area.  Tuesday during this time period regressed to her disagreeable behavior that she had been exhibiting the day before and became a nasty little heathen from that point forward.

The last duty on my personal tribal abode cleaning list was to clean the floor in the tribal living area using the electronic vacuum sucky-thing to lift up all the feline hair and particles that get deposited on it throughout the week.  This prompted a massive cleanup effort, as well as causing the natives to become frightened with the vacuum sucky-thing.  Tuesday is quite frightened by the vacuum sucky-thing and refused to enter the room that it was running in.  Once finished, she retreated to her resting quarters, which is when her “window performance” began.

Perhaps the tribal leader and I should have shown a little more interest in her activities in her resting quarters; perhaps we should have noticed Tuesday scaling the headboard of her bed, climbing over to the window sill/shelf that is directly behind it; perhaps Tuesday just needs to be chained to her bed.  Whatever the case may be, and as you may have guessed, Tuesday is quite capable of scaling her headboard and propelling her body over the back of it to the window sill/shelf behind it.  The window sill/shelf is about eight inches in width – not wide enough for my own feet to stand on, nor do I think it would support my weight, but plenty wide enough and strong enough to support the mischievous Tuesday.

Methinks she was in the window several minutes before we noticed her appearance moving back and forth on the ledge in front of the window – the curtains making it difficult to discern her whereabouts, which I am positively sure she was aware of.  At first, I immediately demanded that she get down out of the window and to cease her performance there, which she did albeit slowly.  I consulted with the tribal leader and determined that upon reaching her teenage years, windows will be barred, padlocked and ninety feet off the ground.  Whilst consulting with the tribal leader, Tuesday returned to her place in the window, performing her tribal dance, which, once again upon seeing her there, I demanded that she retreated from that place and cease her activity.  Being that Tuesday is who she is, we ran through this series of events and dialogue several more times, however, I did manage to procure evidence that the native was indeed capable of reaching the window sill/shelf.  As seen in the picture below, only a ghostly image of her face can be seen as she attempted to get to her forbidden stage.

This new episode has prompted me to think twice about the abilities and motives of the natives.  In the future, we will have to step up our efforts in security as well as in keeping the natives out of the spotlight, so to speak.



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