Day 349: Tuesday’s Adventures in Wonderland – Mad Tea Parties Begin

Tuesday has developed an affinity, if not an obsession with the tale by Lewis Carroll of Alice and her adventures, or rather misadventures, in Wonderland.  A version of this story has been produced in cartoon form and is a daily feature on the electronic media box.  Until this point, Tuesday had not begun to reenact the scenes from the tale, however, today, all this appears to be changing.  On evening last, the tribal leader and the natives took a shopping excursion to purchase some necessary provisions for the tribe.  On said excursion, she acquired a tea set – complete with a tea-pot that simulates tea being poured (without sound, thank God), a tray, two cups, a creamer and a sweetener bowl.  Oh, and two cookies.  Mustn’t forget the cookies.  When the tribal leader returned home last evening, and liberated the tea set from the confines of its package, Tuesday immediately took to it.  In fact, it was a point of contention when attempting to get the native to rest for the night.  At last, we conceded and allowed Tuesday to take the tea-pot and a cup with her to bed.  Below is Tuesday with her tea set prior to the bedtime hour last evening.

Now, one may ask, how exactly does a two year-old native conduct a tea party?  And, more importantly, what is MY role in said tea party?  I shall now describe in detail the events of the tea party and my role in them.  First, each cup, saucer, bowl, etc. is properly placed and aligned on the tray so that it facilitates proper tea pouring.  Next, the tea-pot is bestowed, in this instance, to me for pouring.  Apparently, even though the tea-pot and set are the proper size for the native, she still insists that an elder native or tribesmen pour the imaginary tea.  Score one for my team.  After pouring the imaginary tea, Tuesday, who for all intents and purposes, plays the role of the Mad Hatter from Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, implores me to also pour the cream, or “milk” as she refers to it.  At that point, she hands me a cup, expecting me to drink.  Now, there is a proper way to drink tea when attending a tea party – handle to cup grasped by thumb and index finger, curling middle and ring fingers under and pinky finger extended.  In this manner, I drank the imaginary tea, with an audible slurp, which prompted giggles from Tuesday.  Wash, rinse, repeat.

This behavior continues repeatedly until the native gets fatigued or bored with activity.

You might be saying to yourself, “What’s mad about that?”  Not much really, the first ten times you pour and drink the imaginary tea.  Slowly however, Tuesday’s insistence in participating in her tea party and the constant barrage of interruptions to pour the tea for the native push my sanity off a proverbial cliff into an abyss of madness.  You might also say, “Why can’t Tuesday have a tea party with Wednesday or her playthings?”  A great suggestion.  The tribal leader and I investigated this idea last evening whilst attempting to have a conversation.  The tribal leader setup some of Tuesday’s stuffed wildlife and dolls last evening on the reclining tribal furniture and brought the tea set into the tribal living area.  She invited Tuesday to provide tea for her tea party “guests”, which Tuesday immediately took advantage of.  Wednesday appears to be uninterested in these “tea parties” for the moment – she is more inclined to be seen teething on the tea pot or the tea cups.  In time, in time.  Seen below is Tuesday being the hostess of her tea party with her “guests.”

Methinks this is just the beginning of Tuesday’s “mad” tea parties and many more adventures in Tuesday’s “wonderland”.  And, likewise, I surmise that there very well may be more tea parties in my future.  Mad tea parties.


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